Monday, February 05, 2007

Evan's Second Birthday!!!

We had Evan's birthday party yesterday. We just did a small party with family and a few friends were invited. We did a train party. Evan got lots of wonderful toys to play with. He opened his first present and it was a Cranky the Crane Lego set and he was done, I had to open the rest with a little help from Abby Fritz. Thank you to everyone for the wonderful gifts!!!

Evan's Birthday Cake

Here are some pics of Evan's birthday cake. It was a cute little train that my mom and I made for him. Evan loved it and I had to battle with him to keep him from digging in the night before his party. I had a lot of fun making it for him. When I was little my mom would spend hours on our cakes so I wanted to do this for him. The icing was the hardest part since we made a glaze and we had to do a lot of coats to keep the cake from showing through. Many thanks to Gran for staying up really late and getting up really early to help me make the cake!!!

Thursday, February 01, 2007

Chuck E Cheese

Last Friday I took Evan to Chuck E Cheese for the first time. We went with my good friend Jennifer and her girls. We had so much fun. Evan loved the toddler zone especially the slide! It was not that crowded so it was easy to let the kids run a little free. Evan discovered the ski ball machines and before I knew it he was half way up the incline! Lillie got to go as well. She just hung out in the stroller then finally crashed for a little nap. One of the rides had some bright colored balloons on it and Lillie would just watch them and smile at them. We can't wait to go again!!!!

Evan and Lillie

Here are a few pics of the kiddos. Everyday with two kids just gets better! Evan is so good with Lillie. He loves for her to be on the floor so that he can play with her. Now that she is in the mega saucer and jump a roo he brings her his trains to play with. When we take her out of these he gets mad because he wants her to be in them at all times. Lillie usually just hangs out and laughs at her big brother. Sometimes I wonder what she is laughing at and all it is is Evan sitting in front of her talking to her. I am loving being a stay at home mom so that I get to witness all of these wonderful brother/sister moments!

Evan is Turning Two!!!

Evan is going to be two on the 6th of Feb. We are getting ready for his birthday on Sunday. It is going to be a Train theme since he is in love with trains. I am going to attempt to make his cake. I got the cutest train cake pan from Williams Sonoma and did a trail cake earlier this week.

I am still just amazed that he is already two. I posted this picture from his first birthday just for a little memory of how much he has changed in the past year. We can't wait till Sunday for the party!!!

Lillie Four Months

Lillie was four months on the 13. Our computer has been giving me problems so I have had a hard time keeping up or doing any posts. But we went to the doctor last week for those "fun" shots. Lillie is 27 1/8 inches long and weighed 18 lbs 5 oz!!! She is getting so big.

A few days before she hit the four month mark she rolled over both ways. She had been trying to get from her back to her tummy forever and she finally made it over that arm! She never really tried to roll from her tummy to back but when I put her on her tummy she just rolled right to her back. Now she just rolls accross all over the place. We also started food this month and she seems to like everything we have tried so far. She is also sitting up on her own now as well! I can't believe how big she is getting.