Saturday, February 13, 2010

Evan's Fifth Birthday Party!

He wore the mask the entire party!

Yesterday was Evan's birthday party. We had a pizza party at Larry's Pizza. He wanted a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle party so it was a fit since those turtles love their pizza! It was such an easy party for me since they do just about everything for you! My wonderful mom found him a TMNT cake pan so that she could make his cake for him. She stayed up til 1:30am working on it! Thanks again Gee!!!! When my brother and I were little she made all of our birthday cakes for us so it is so nice that she continues to do that for my kids! He loved playing with all of his friends at the party. He got lots of new goodies that he played with all night long!! My wonderful friend Anita at A Piece of Pope made his invitations! Thanks to her we always have super cute invitations! For party favors all the kids got a pizza box filled with TMNT goodies and candy. On the top of the box it said, "It's totally awesome you came to my party Dude!" Another little something designed by Anita to match his invitation!! Thank you to everyone who came to help celebrate our little mans birthday!

Evan's Valentine's Party!

Here are a few pics from Evan's valentine's party. Sadly these are the only three that I took! I was the party mom so I got a little preoccupied with everything. We had ice cream sundaes, all the kids took turns putting their valentine's in all the mailboxes! Remember the snow day? I spent that day decoupaging all of those paint cans for all of his little classmates! I saw some of these in a scrapbook magazine that a friend had and had so much fun making them that I will probably be doing some more in the future!

Lillie and her Babies!

I have to say that Lillie has always loved her baby dolls. She plays with them all day. Lately she has been making nap mats all over the house. She will disappear into her room and when I go check on her she has every pillow and blanket on the floor with all babies on each of them taking naps! These pictures are from the snow day of her and a few of her babies!

Snow Day 2010!!!

Here are some pics of the kids from the snow days this past week. Evan loves playing out in it but Miss Lillie, not so much! She kind of just hangs around in the garage and watches Evan! I have to say that I now know why my mom hated days when we got snowed in! The kids made snow ice cream, hung out by the fire played and played and played while I worked on all the goodies for Evan's preschool party and his birthday party! Brad went in to the restaurant for a bit and when he came home him and Evan built a snowman while Lillie watched from the front porch!!!