Friday, January 25, 2008

Just had to share I love this picture! It is usually hard to get a good one of them together.

House Pics

The pantry door
Lillie's room green with pink ceiling
Mr Evan's blue room
kids play room bright and happy yellow!!
The window seat in their playroom.
The Foyer and Dining Room
Family Room
Brads office
Master bedroom
Kitchen (it is actually a Terra cotta color)

Here are a few new pics of the house since it has been painted. It is a rainbow of color! Our painter was awesome and also a friend so he let me pick out a few more colors than he usually allows. The house is coming along. We now have a driveway and sidewalk and they have been working on the dryvit (spell ?) . So as soon as that is done the outside will actually be finished!! The flooring guy is about to start laying the tile and the light fixtures are there ready to be put into place!!! We HOPE to be in sometime in March!!!! We are also hoping that a buyer will come along for our house!!!
Oh and by the way this house is also for sale so if you love it feel free to come and make Brad an offer! (This is what happens when your husband builds your house!!)

Saturday, January 19, 2008

House Update

Our kitchen (the top cabinets will be glass)
the foyer and dining room
part of our living room and the breakfast area
built in at the back door to catch all the junk!!

Well the house is coming along. They are painting everything right now and will hopefully be done by Mon or Tues. I am going to try to take some pictures tomorrow so I will try and post some soon. I have picked out all of the flooring and lighting. They are ready to start the floors as soon as the painters get out! The only thing that I have been having a hard time on is my backsplash and I can't decide what I want. The people finally sent me home with samples and told me to come back when I have decided! But you know sometimes what you want is just not in the budget!! I experience this alot when my eye seems to always go to the most expensive item that I have to choose from! Then Brad knocks me back down to the options within our budget!!! We hope to be making the move in March so hopefully our house will sell between now and then!

Party Time

My babies anxiously awaiting cupcakes!

Well this weekend was birthday party weekend for us. I started Fri with a birthday party for a friend's husband. They live in Houston right now but are about to move back so they were in town to look for a house. I have not seen Dierdra in about year so it was good to see her and her family. I also got to see some other friends that I had not seen in a while. Saturday the kids and I attended two birthday parties. The first one was for a brother and sister. They are some of our neighbors. It was at Party Central (aka the jump place) so the kids of coarse had so much fun running everywhere. The second was a first birthday party for my friend Elizabeth's little boy. The kids I think are now on a sugar overload from all of the cupcakes they have consumed today. Evan loves the icing and Lillie loves the cake!

(Sorry I really didn't get a chance to take any pictures)

Sixteen Months!

Well Lillie turned 16 months on the 13th of the month. I love this age. She has finally started to say a few more words and now says bubble, dog, Oscar, G, and I think that she is trying to say Evan. She is still little miss independent and wants to do it all. She refuses to have you feed her unless she is in great need of that last bite that she just can't get too!! She got another little haircut earlier in the month and Ms Jessica said that she thought that the top would be grown out in about 3 months so hopefully I will be able to do some piggy tails before to long!! She has also learned to shake her head yes and it is funny to see her answer your questions with her head shakes. She still has a bit of an attitude at times and will let you know when she is not getting what she wants or getting her way. She is also still a little snuggle bug and loves to cuddle up and rock. And one last random thing she has suddenly became attached to a blanket and loves to drag it around the house. Every time she wakes up in the morning or from a nap she has it in her hand and won't let go of it! She is a precious little mess that we love and adore!!

Horsing Around

The other night I was doing something in the kitchen and I heard Lillie start laughing real hard. I peeked in the living room and saw the two of them laying on the floor laughing at each other so I continued on with whatever I was doing. They continued on their little laughing but it was getting closer to the kitchen so when I checked on them this time I found Lillie riding on Evan like he was a horse! I tried to get a picture but by the time I got my camera she was falling off of his back. She tried again but he was done and would not let her back on. It was so funny I love these little brother/sister moments!

The Buzz Train

Well Evan is officially potty trained!!! It was so nice to go to the store and not have to buy two boxes of diapers!!! Since I have now been doing this for the past 16 months!!!!!! He did really good and has had very few accidents since we started. The best part is that he potty trained in just a few days. I was so glad for this because I could tell that I was not going to be a very patient mom if it took a long time!! So since he did so well his Gran promised him a prize and this is what he got a Buzz Lightyear Train.

Thursday, January 03, 2008

That Time Already

With that I mean Preschool!! Today we received Evan's paperwork to get him registered for Preschool! I am so glad because he got into the one that I really wanted him to get into. I can not believe that he is going to be old enough to go in the fall. He is growing up way too fast!

Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Friendly Little Get Together

Well we had some little friends over to the house on Friday since my friend Jenny was in from New York. Here is our attempts to get a group photo of all the kids together! I think that the middle picture is the only one I have with all of the kids but it looks like Mr. Will is in escape mode! So from left to right we have Will, Hannah Grace, Evan, Blake, Ty (not happy to taking a picture), Lillie, Abby and Elle!!! It was fun times!!

Sesame Street Live

We went to Sesame Street Live on Saturday. Evan had the best time. He was so cute. He would yell for the characters. He loves Cookie Monster and when he was on stage he yelled "Cookie Monster look at me!" He also loves Baby Bear and yelled "Baby Bear, where are you?" I didn't know if he would be there so when he finally came on stage he clapped so hard and got so excited. He didn't take his eyes off the stage the entire time. Lillie on the other hand enjoyed the show for about 15 minutes! Then she was more interested in climbing up and down and on top of the chair! Oh well it was worth every penny to watch Evan!