Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Brad Update

Well we just got home from Brad's appointment. The surgeon we saw today is actually referring him to a chest surgeon. He has an appointment next Tues so please keep him in your prayers! The doctor today sounded hopeful! I just hate this waiting game and we are just ready to see what is going on with him.

Thank you to everyone who has called, emailed, posted a comment. Sorry if I have not returned your phone call or email it has just been a crazy week. I will continue to post updates about him here as we find out more. It seems to be the easiest way to get to everyone!! Thanks again for all the prayers!!! Keep them coming!!!

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Please Pray

Please keep Brad in your prayer over the next couple of weeks. He has recently found some bumps in his lower neck. He went to the doctor on Monday and they found a mass in his chest. We are going to a surgeon on Tuesday. He will decide what to do from there as far as a biopsy of his lymph nodes. Just please pray for him that this will not be anything serious and that he will be fine.


One the same day that I picked up Lillie with the fractured wrist Evan had a busted Lip. It must have been a dangerous day at KDO. It healed and his lip was back to normal for a few days when this happened. We went swimming at Uncle Drew's and someone likes to run around the pool and now I think he has figured out why he should mind mommy when she yells no running. This time it is much worse and he also got the lovely scrap on his chin.

The Munchkins Playdate

Ty, Will and Lillie

Lillie and her man Ty!

Jenny and Will are in town for her sister-in-laws wedding so we got to have a get together with all the kids. I have to say the older they all get the harder it is for us to get them to take a group picture! So here are the attempts I made. Sadly our little friend Elle was not in the pics because she was not happy her mommy was holding baby Bryson! We all met at Dale's for donuts to get them all sugared up for the day. Then we headed to Rock Creek to play in their play tubes. It was alot of fun! It is hard to believe that we were all big preggers two years ago with these babies.

An Update Finally!

Getting ready for fireworks!
She was so excited!
To cute not to share
Our new friend Gretchen
Cousin Will

I have been the worst blogger lately but we have been busy around here and have had a few visitors at our house!! But here are some pictures from the past few weeks.

For the 4Th we didn't have big plans since Lillie was in the cast so we went to Dicky Stephens Park with Grandad, Gee and Ryan to watch the fireworks. It was a lot of fun and nice to no be in such a big crowd over at the river.

We have also had some friends in town. First some friends from Chicago came into town. The adults did dinner one night and the next night Ken came to our house with their daughter Gretchen to play with our kids. Her mom had a big night at Frankie's Cafe! (I laugh because she is originally from here and she loves that place) and her big brother Griffin was busy playing with his older cousin. Gretchen turned 2 in the spring so the kids had the best time with her!

Later that same week Brad's cousin Will was in town on business and came down for dinner at our house. He sat out on the deck with the kids and blew bubbles for them so he was an instant hit with them.

Last week we had VBS and sadly I forgot to take my camera to get any pictures. I was a recreation leader and Evan was in the 3 year old class. He had lots of fun. I also had fun playing games with all of the preschool age kids!! Lillie was there as well but in the nursery with all of her friends. She also got her cast off on Thursday. She did so good and everything is healed. The ladies in the office all commented on how well she did with the cutting of the cast. She really didn't cry although she tried so hard to get those fake ones out!!! And yes we kept the cast!

Tuesday, July 08, 2008

A Bloggy Makeover!

Well I finally gave my blog a little makeover!!! It is something I have been saying I was going to do for forever now. Special thanks to my friend Melissa how taught me how to change everything so I could break away from my boring old blog!! I am still wanting to work on a new header but will get to that later.

Thursday, July 03, 2008

The BIG BooBoo

That is right Lillie is now sporting a little purple cast! Yesterday when I picked her up from kids day out she was kissing on her wrist and crying. By the time we got home she would not let me touch it or grab anything with it. I took her to see the family doctor yesterday where they did Xrays because it was starting to look a little swollen. They thought everything looked fine but when the doctor started moving her wrist she heard a clicking noise so she sent us on to the ortho doctor today where he saw a buckle fracture on her wrist. He turned and asked Lillie what color she wanted her cast to be! She has to wear it for two weeks to let it heal. So far she has done well and has not tried to take it off. She is proud of her booboo and has been showing it off! Lets just pray she keeps it on and doesn't use it as a weapon against Evan.

Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Just a little update

They call this the elevator! I saw them carrying books and toy around and thought they were taking them to my room but then saw them go to the guest bathroom and this is what I found! Evan told me they took the elevator to Chick-fil-a to play!

Since it has been awhile here are just some random pictures of the kids.
I will upload more tomorrow since blogger just went down on me

Evan Update

Evan's surgery went very well on Friday. I have to say I was a wreck before he went back. Just walking back to the pre-op area made me so nervous I broke down in tears. Then again when they came to tell us about putting him to sleep. Then when they came to get it to take him away. When he had tubes put in he was asleep when they took him so he didn't notice but this time he was awake and got scared when they started to wheel the bed away. Luckily he had a great nurse that picked him up and carried him and he got to take some of his trains with him!! We walked him as far as we could. I was surprisingly fine at that point! They gave him so goofy juice before he went back so Brad and I got a few good laughs with him being silly and trying to stay awake. His procedure only took about 40 mins. We were home by 10 am and all three took a much needed nap. After he woke up he was somewhat back to normal. By Sat he was almost 100%!

Say Goodbye to the Na-Na

stuffing them in
a little unsure of giving it up
A few weeks ago I decided that it was time for Lillie to get rid of her pacifiers. She only really wanted one when she was napping or at bedtime. But this never stopped her from sticking one in when she found one on the floor!! Lillie started calling them her na-na. I had heard of people taking their kid to Build-A-Bear and had them put their pacifiers in their animal. So I asked Lillie if she wanted to exchange her na-na's for a bear. She said yes so we gathered up all of the pacifiers around the house and headed early on Saturday morning. When we got there the machine was broken but they stuffed her dog (that is what she wanted) by hand. At the end they let her kiss all of her na-na's goodbye and put them in. She was a little unsure of putting the last one in! So we now have Na-Na dog or Na-Na Oscar as Lillie calls her! She has done pretty good without them. First few nights were a little ruff but after about 3 nights of her waking up wanting it in the middle of the night she is sleeping perfectly without it. She does have her moments when she will ask for her na-na but I will get her her dog. She did have one time that she tried to open up the dog to get one out!!! Lillie we are so proud of you, you are becoming such a big girl!

The Bucket Lady

This is for Mr. Will in Long Island!
This was for a Junior Auxiliary auction

For Baby Ella
For baby Haydan

The front of Ella's bucket

Well after all of my Easter Buckets I have had several requests for buckets lately. Here are just a few that I have made lately. I am about to get started on Halloween since I have had people already asking for one!! I have a few more that are in the works that I will post when they are finished!