Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Evan Update

Evan's surgery went very well on Friday. I have to say I was a wreck before he went back. Just walking back to the pre-op area made me so nervous I broke down in tears. Then again when they came to tell us about putting him to sleep. Then when they came to get it to take him away. When he had tubes put in he was asleep when they took him so he didn't notice but this time he was awake and got scared when they started to wheel the bed away. Luckily he had a great nurse that picked him up and carried him and he got to take some of his trains with him!! We walked him as far as we could. I was surprisingly fine at that point! They gave him so goofy juice before he went back so Brad and I got a few good laughs with him being silly and trying to stay awake. His procedure only took about 40 mins. We were home by 10 am and all three took a much needed nap. After he woke up he was somewhat back to normal. By Sat he was almost 100%!

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The Fintons said...

I am so happy everything went good with Evan's surgery. I have been wondering how everything went. I prayed for him. Glad you are back on your blog...been missing your updates!