Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Party Central

One of Evans friends had a birthday party at Party Central which is one of those inflatable play centers. When we got there he was a little scared but as soon as he saw the other kids he was ready to go. I think he went down the big slide about a hundred times!!

Thursday, July 26, 2007

Let the building begin!

So we are finally getting on with our house. We had to get our plans approved. We have cleared our lot and they are about to get everything going. Here is also a picture of our house. We both love the European style homes right now and so when Brad found this one we were both sold on it. I will have to get a new copy of the actual floor plan before I can post it. The one I have now has notes of the changes that we are making. But the floor plan is alot like our house now.

Our Playhouse

So the other day I was driving by a resale shop in town and saw this playhouse sitting outside. I called the store and the lady told me the price and that this was brand new never been used and it was still in the box when she got it. So I called G and told her about it and she went and picked it up for the kids. They have had the best time playing in it and yes it is still sitting in between the foyer and dining room and will go to the playroom in the new house. I had full intentions of putting it out back, but Brad wanted to leave it inside so that it would not get ruined in the weather. I am glad we did because they have had the best time and so has every other kid that has been over!

Lillie and Will

After everyone else left the playdate Jenny and Will stayed around to play for a little while longer. Jenny and I have been friends since we were three and she moved off to Long Island about two years ago so I really don't get to see her much anymore. So I was glad that she got to stick around for a while and chat.
Lillie and Will were due about three weeks apart from one another. On the Monday before I was going to be induced with Lillie, Jenny went to the doctor and she was told that she was going to be having a baby anyday. I thought that she was going to beat me to labor and delivery but she didn't instead Will was born exactly one month after Lillie!
We had so much fun with you guys and can't wait to see you next time you come to town. (Or maybe we will come to you!)

Look at these Babies!!!

Will, Ty, Lillie and Elle

We had a playdate at our house with some of my friends from highschool. The fist picture is of all of us at Jenny's baby shower at the end of July. The babies were all born within about two months of each other. We had alot of fun!

Tuesday, July 17, 2007


Here are a few pics of Lillie walking with the little walker. She likes it now that she has been taking steps.

I also had to include the pics of Lillie and Grandad. She was so cute the other night when he was over she kept crawling over to him and leaning on his leg, then she would reach out and try to walk to me. I guess she thought that he was her safe spot.

Ten Months

Well Miss Lillie was 10 months on Friday. She is so much fun these days. She is verysocial and a big flirt. She loves to wave at everyone we pass in the store and talk to the other babies and kids. She has started playing with Evan alot more in the past few months which is so nice. It just seems to make everything so much easier. She is eating alot more baby food and taking less bottles. In fact she has quit taking her bedtime bottle. She did this all on her own. A few weeks ago she just refused to drink it and so I quit making her one. The only thing is when she gets up in the morning she is ready to have some breakfast and screams the entire time I am getting it ready! (You get that from me, just ask daddy I'm cranky when I'm hungry!!)
Lillie also took her first step on Friday! I was on the phone with my Mom and got so excited then I thought "oh dear." I am not so sure if I am ready for her to be so mobile! She is a very busy little girl and into EVERYTHING! I don't remember Evan being as busy as she is. She is getting braver everyday and is standing on her own more and trying to take more steps! Won't be long and she will be running!!!!

Friday, July 13, 2007

Our New Pet!

We had a lizard on our window the other day and Evan just could not get enough of it. He watched it for almost an hour.

Go Diego Go! Live

On Wednesday we went to see Go Diego Go! Live. It was so good. I have never taken Evan to a movie or anything so was unsure of how he would do sitting for something like this. He did great! They did a lot of interacting with the kids and he danced and jumped around. He even go his very own Rescue Pack!!! Lillie got to attend as well and I think she had as much fun as Evan. She sat in Grans lap or should I say JUMPED in Grans lap!! She clapped, jumped and waved at all the characters and then crashed at intermission! We had a blast. Evan saw a commercial for the show the next day and came to me and asked to go again!! Next event, we are going to the Wiggles in August!!!!

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Thanks Grandma!!!!!

Thank you Grandma for the new books and clothes. Brad spent the weekend in Texas helping his mom get packed up because she is moving to Georgia. She just got through getting her PhD and has taken a job in Valdosta Georgia. So daddy came home with goodies from Grandma!!!!!

Thank you Olivia Grace for the beach ball sprinkler. Both Evan and Lillie loved playing in it!!!!