Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Ten Months

Well Miss Lillie was 10 months on Friday. She is so much fun these days. She is verysocial and a big flirt. She loves to wave at everyone we pass in the store and talk to the other babies and kids. She has started playing with Evan alot more in the past few months which is so nice. It just seems to make everything so much easier. She is eating alot more baby food and taking less bottles. In fact she has quit taking her bedtime bottle. She did this all on her own. A few weeks ago she just refused to drink it and so I quit making her one. The only thing is when she gets up in the morning she is ready to have some breakfast and screams the entire time I am getting it ready! (You get that from me, just ask daddy I'm cranky when I'm hungry!!)
Lillie also took her first step on Friday! I was on the phone with my Mom and got so excited then I thought "oh dear." I am not so sure if I am ready for her to be so mobile! She is a very busy little girl and into EVERYTHING! I don't remember Evan being as busy as she is. She is getting braver everyday and is standing on her own more and trying to take more steps! Won't be long and she will be running!!!!

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Melissa Williams said...

I can't believe she is trying to walk! Way to go Lillie! I love how you took pics on the blanket your mom lovingly made! Way to go Lillie!