Saturday, January 10, 2009

Lillie's Shirt!

Her #1 Referee

First of all for those who don't know Brad is a college basketball official. He has been doing this for years. Before we had Evan I would go to as many games with Brad as I could. It has allowed us to go to lots of fun places such as Chicago, Orlando, San Antonio, and Hawaii just to name a few!! Every time I would go to a game I usually would sit with fans from the visiting team. They would always ask which player was my boyfriend, and I would tell them I was actually there watching my husband, the referee!! Sometime I would just sit in random places and by the person that disliked Brad the most!! So anyway when we decided to go on a road trip with Brad to his game I wanted to get something cute for Lillie to wear. Lucky for me I know someone who has just started making some super cute shirts!!! I tried to get a picture of her in it but she would not stay still long enough for me to snap one of her since she was busy dancing to the band!! It says I cheer for the referee! It is so cute and Brad loved it when he saw it. It was funny to see people's reaction to it at the game when they read the bottom of it! The family behind us saw it and asked which one was him so that they wouldn't boo him in front of his kids!

Click here to Check out Amber's website and a better picture of Lillie's shirt

Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Trip to Springfield!

This past weekend we took a little family road trip to Springfield MO to watch Brad referee! We headed out Friday night in hopes that the kids would sleep most of the way there, Evan had other plans! On Sat we slept in then headed over to Bass Pro Shop. All of the big wild life exhibits were closed but the kids had fun seeing all the stuffed animals and the huge fish tanks! After all that fun Brad and the kids headed back to the hotel and I did a little shopping by myself!!!! That night we headed to the game to watch Brad work. Evan had been so excited about the basketball game and asked every five minutes if it was time to go to the game. I was worn out by the time it was over, thank goodness that one of his partners brought his wife and she helped me out! Sunday we slept in again then headed to Branson to eat at Joe's Crab Shack and then headed home! It was a fun little trip and hopefully as the kids get a little older we can go to more games with daddy!

Thursday, January 01, 2009

Brad Update

Just wanted to let everyone know that Brad started radiation on Monday. He had been on the fence about doing it. When the doctors told him all the side effects that could come from him doing this we were really unsure about him going through with this. I know some of you may think that this is crazy and I would have thought the same thing if it wasn't my husband going through this right now. Well anyway we have both prayed for God to just give us a sign as to what he should do. If he should just move forward with radiation or if he should skip it since his PET Scan was clear. I won't go into the whole story but Brad got his answer at work on Friday from a lady in is office whose husband had recently gone through the same type of cancer. Brad said that he felt like she was placed in his office that day for a reason and so he decided to go ahead with the radiation. He is suppose to have 5 weeks but they said they may only do 3 and a half. Please keep him in your prayer over the next few weeks as he goes through these treatments.
(The pictures above were taken on Saturday. I just so happened to look out the window to see the brightest rainbow I have ever seen! I went out side to take some pictures of it and realized that we could see the entire bow from out back yard and that it was a double rainbow! What a beautiful picture that the Lord painted that day!)

Christmas 2008

We had a great Christmas this year!! It is so much fun now that Evan is getting the hang of the whole Santa thing!! (I think that sometimes I get more excited then they do) But anyway both of the kids were so excited to see what Santa had left for both of them. Lillie didn't make it past Evan's stuff to see what Santa brought her until we showed her her new twin stroller and babies. Evan was super excited when he saw his Uncle Chris that morning, I think that he thought that Santa had dropped him off as well! Evan's big gift this year was a Spiderman bike and Lillie got a pink trike. After we did the Santa gifts we exchanged gifts with Brad's mom and brother then had some yummy breakfast. Christmas night we all headed out to my Granny's to have time with all of them. Evan and Lillie always have fun out there spending time with their cousins. Brad's mom and brother stayed with us through the weekend so we had some more yummy meals during their stay. The kids and I also put together a gingerbread house this year. It was difficult with them both trying to eat all the candy decorations. On Sunday we headed over to my parents lake house to do Christmas with them. This was our first Christmas at the lake! They got the kids big wheels that they rode all around the screened in porch. They got lots of other goodies there as well! We had steak, shrimp and baked potato's for lunch which was a nice change from all the traditional foods. Brad and I had a great Christmas this year as well. On Christmas Eve he surprised me with a new camera (I saw this as a positive from the break in) !!! I was shocked because I thought that we would just wait until we got our insurance money but he knew how special pictures are to me so he wanted me to have it for Christmas! I think he is happy with his purchase as well because he has used it just as much as I have!

(Sorry that the pictures are all out of order)!