Saturday, January 10, 2009

Lillie's Shirt!

Her #1 Referee

First of all for those who don't know Brad is a college basketball official. He has been doing this for years. Before we had Evan I would go to as many games with Brad as I could. It has allowed us to go to lots of fun places such as Chicago, Orlando, San Antonio, and Hawaii just to name a few!! Every time I would go to a game I usually would sit with fans from the visiting team. They would always ask which player was my boyfriend, and I would tell them I was actually there watching my husband, the referee!! Sometime I would just sit in random places and by the person that disliked Brad the most!! So anyway when we decided to go on a road trip with Brad to his game I wanted to get something cute for Lillie to wear. Lucky for me I know someone who has just started making some super cute shirts!!! I tried to get a picture of her in it but she would not stay still long enough for me to snap one of her since she was busy dancing to the band!! It says I cheer for the referee! It is so cute and Brad loved it when he saw it. It was funny to see people's reaction to it at the game when they read the bottom of it! The family behind us saw it and asked which one was him so that they wouldn't boo him in front of his kids!

Click here to Check out Amber's website and a better picture of Lillie's shirt


The Greenfield Family said...

Lillie is sooo cute!!!

Amber said...

Megan is in the mommy and me class on Monday mornings at 11:00. She loves it...but I am definitely looking forward to when she can do it on her own!!

Tenille Rauls said...

I LOVE the shirt! I may need to get some big sister shirts....I haven't found any cute ones for "big sisters" as little as Lauren!! :)