Thursday, January 01, 2009

Christmas 2008

We had a great Christmas this year!! It is so much fun now that Evan is getting the hang of the whole Santa thing!! (I think that sometimes I get more excited then they do) But anyway both of the kids were so excited to see what Santa had left for both of them. Lillie didn't make it past Evan's stuff to see what Santa brought her until we showed her her new twin stroller and babies. Evan was super excited when he saw his Uncle Chris that morning, I think that he thought that Santa had dropped him off as well! Evan's big gift this year was a Spiderman bike and Lillie got a pink trike. After we did the Santa gifts we exchanged gifts with Brad's mom and brother then had some yummy breakfast. Christmas night we all headed out to my Granny's to have time with all of them. Evan and Lillie always have fun out there spending time with their cousins. Brad's mom and brother stayed with us through the weekend so we had some more yummy meals during their stay. The kids and I also put together a gingerbread house this year. It was difficult with them both trying to eat all the candy decorations. On Sunday we headed over to my parents lake house to do Christmas with them. This was our first Christmas at the lake! They got the kids big wheels that they rode all around the screened in porch. They got lots of other goodies there as well! We had steak, shrimp and baked potato's for lunch which was a nice change from all the traditional foods. Brad and I had a great Christmas this year as well. On Christmas Eve he surprised me with a new camera (I saw this as a positive from the break in) !!! I was shocked because I thought that we would just wait until we got our insurance money but he knew how special pictures are to me so he wanted me to have it for Christmas! I think he is happy with his purchase as well because he has used it just as much as I have!

(Sorry that the pictures are all out of order)!

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