Sunday, December 30, 2007

Christmas at Gran and Grandad's

The night after Christmas we had Christmas with my parents and brother. Drew and I decided that we wanted to do Steaks and baked potato's because this is the Christmas meal that we always had with my dad's dad and we were tired of the traditional meals. The kids got lots of toys from their Gran and Grandad. Lillie got a beautiful baby doll that smells like baby powder, a pink airplane, the sing along stage, a washer/dryer, and a vanity table. Evan got some Thomas train sets, some Buzz Lightyear spaceships, and some more trucks. Uncle Drew got Lillie Jesse from Toy Story and a giraffe puzzle and Evan got Bullseye from Toy Story and a big wood train. We attempted to make a family picture and pictures of the kids but they were to busy wanting to play!

Little Projects

Here is a picture of Evan's train that he painted at Doodleworks. I also made some plates for my mom and Brad's mom. The footprint is Lillie's and the hand prints are Evan's. I made these buckets for the kids to put some of their small stuff from Santa in. I also made one for my parents and both of Brad's parents but I forgot to take pictures of them! I told a friend about the buckets and she asked that I post them on my blog so she could see them. So here you go Ann!!!!
(I am going to be making and selling Easter buckets so if anyone wants one let me know!)

Look what Santa brought!

The kids woke up to lots of surprise from Santa! Evan was so excited that he got the remote control Thomas that he has been asking for since October!! He also got some cars, trucks, Mack (from Cars), some Buzz and Woody stuff including the Buzz Lightyear costume (he wore it all morning) and a firetruck. Lillie got some babies, a pink little people bus, the play town princess coach, and a butterfly rocker. Evan was so shocked when he saw his firetruck. He got to take it for a little spin outside and he will be needing some driving lessons! It is a good thing we are moving to the country and will have lots of room for him to roam!
Grandma and Uncle Chris stayed at our house so Grandma let the kids open her presents after we finished Santa. Evan got a shake n go race track and some movies. Lillie got a huge bear(I think it is bigger then she is!!!) babies, and a movies! She also brought a ton of books for the kids to share!
We had a small breakfast and then Brad's dad and Kathy joined us for a Christmas lunch. We spent the rest of the day watching movies and watching Evan play with his new Thomas the train!

Christmas Eve

On Christmas Eve Evan and I made cookies for Santa. He loved decorating the cookies as well as squeezing the icing into his mouth! Grandma and Uncle Chris both came to town that day so the kids had lots of fun playing with both of them. That night we all went back out to my Granny's for sandwiches, dips and other yummy stuff. When we got home Evan wrote a letter to Santa and then put his cookies and milk by the fireplace for Santa. He also asked that Santa leave him the Frosty cookie!

Christmas at Great-Grans

Lillie, Evan, Taylor, Austin, and Madison
All the kids LOVE this spring horse!

She loved Austin's toy!

We celebrated Christmas with my Granny on the Sat before Christmas. Christmas at her house is always my favorite meal because she makes Candied Ham and the whole family looks forward to this all year long! Evan and Lillie had so much fun playing with their other cousins. I made all the girls matching outfits to wear and they all looked so cute in them. Evan got a camera, some clothes, and a Diego mobile rescue truck. Lillie got a highchair for her Baby Stella doll, clothes and some other accessories for Baby Stella.

Thursday, December 20, 2007

Little Miss 15 Months!!!

Well I can't believe that Lillie is already 15 months old. She seems to think that she is about 3 years old!! She wants to do everything that her big brother does. She has finally decided to get some more teeth and has been cutting about 8 right now. She has also decided that she wants to talk and has started to say something other then momma and dadda. I guess when you can point and grunt and get what you want there is really not other need to talk!! I took her to my moms office today because she has been sick and she has her first ear infection. She weighed 22lbs 7ozs so she has gained a big 5ozs since her 12 month check up. Which is funny because the girl can eat and loves to eat!! I guess she has some great metabolism. She is such a mess these days but still can be the sweetest, snuggliest baby girl ever! She missed KDO yesterday and the director was upset because she missed her Lillie cuddles for the day! She has also became a little dancing machine and can jam to Rudolph. Mommy is so proud of the dancing! She has grown way too fast.

House Update

Here is a recent picture of the new house. Things have been moving right along. They have trimmed it and the cabinets are in. They are suppose to start painting at the beginning of next week! Sadly I have not completely decided on all of my paint colors!! Its been a busy month!! I have not taken any pictures of all of the new stuff but will post them as soon as I remember to take my camera.
( the outside is complete except for the stucco that is going on the dormer and the dining room window.)

KDO Christmas Party

Sweet Olivia (Oreva as Evan calls her)

These are the cookies that my friend and I made for the class

Evan's reindeer hand

Evan had a Christmas party on Wednesday. They ordered pizza and had lots of sugar filled treats. At the end of the day they did a present exchange and every kid got a book. Evan had a great time!

Birthday Parties

The boy loves a good birthday party!
Birthday boy Blake
She was not a fan of the wings
She was not a fan of her bow!
Her wings were beautiful
Lillie and Lilly (she is from gymnastics too)
Here are some pictures from two birthday parties that we have attended this month. Evan's friend Blake had his party at the jump place. The kids had so much fun on all the blow up stuff. Evan ate the icing off of two cupcakes and then Lillie ate the cupcakes!! This all took place at about 7:30 pm!!! Yikes sugar high for both kids!! The next weekend we went to a birthday party for Madden. Her brother and Evan take gymnastics together and so Lillie and Madden play while the boys are in class. It was a fairy party and her mommy out did herself. Lillie wore her tutu and she had some wings but was unsure of those so they were only on for pictures at the house. Madden's outfit was so cute I had to include a picture of her wings.

Evan's Masterpiece

Well here is a picture of Evan's choo choo train that he made at Doodleworks. He was so excited when we went to pick it up!

Garven Gardens

At the beginning of the month Mom and I took the kids over to Garven to see the Christmas lights. I have to say it is beautiful and I was amazed at all of the work that goes into that light display. The kids loved the lights. They also had a little area set up to roast marshmallows so Evan and I roasted a few and made some smores. He loved them. Evans favorite part of the whole night is the amazing outdoor train display that they have. He cried when we made him leave. We will definitely go back next year!

Sunday, December 09, 2007

Happy Birthday Daddy!!

Well today was Brad's 37th birthday!! He got to spend the day traveling, of coarse. He was in Detroit for a game so hopefully we will get to do something later this week. We cooked him a yummy supper and cupcakes! Evan sang happy birthday and helped daddy blow out his candle! We love you Brad and hope that you had a great day!

Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Christmas Card Photo Shoot

Well on Saturday I tried to do pictures of the kids for our Christmas cards. It was crazy. First of all Lillie was not in a very good mood because she is cutting about 8 teeth right now. (YES 8 fun times around here!!!) Evan on the other hand is a complete ham in front of the camera and so he loves to get his picture made and yell Cheese Please! Second it is almost impossible to get a one and two year old to look at the camera at the same time. So here are just a few pics from our little photo shoot. I will post a copy of the card as soon as I get them back. Hopefully next year will be easier!!