Sunday, December 30, 2007

Look what Santa brought!

The kids woke up to lots of surprise from Santa! Evan was so excited that he got the remote control Thomas that he has been asking for since October!! He also got some cars, trucks, Mack (from Cars), some Buzz and Woody stuff including the Buzz Lightyear costume (he wore it all morning) and a firetruck. Lillie got some babies, a pink little people bus, the play town princess coach, and a butterfly rocker. Evan was so shocked when he saw his firetruck. He got to take it for a little spin outside and he will be needing some driving lessons! It is a good thing we are moving to the country and will have lots of room for him to roam!
Grandma and Uncle Chris stayed at our house so Grandma let the kids open her presents after we finished Santa. Evan got a shake n go race track and some movies. Lillie got a huge bear(I think it is bigger then she is!!!) babies, and a movies! She also brought a ton of books for the kids to share!
We had a small breakfast and then Brad's dad and Kathy joined us for a Christmas lunch. We spent the rest of the day watching movies and watching Evan play with his new Thomas the train!

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