Sunday, December 30, 2007

Little Projects

Here is a picture of Evan's train that he painted at Doodleworks. I also made some plates for my mom and Brad's mom. The footprint is Lillie's and the hand prints are Evan's. I made these buckets for the kids to put some of their small stuff from Santa in. I also made one for my parents and both of Brad's parents but I forgot to take pictures of them! I told a friend about the buckets and she asked that I post them on my blog so she could see them. So here you go Ann!!!!
(I am going to be making and selling Easter buckets so if anyone wants one let me know!)

1 comment:

Melissa Williams said...

I love those buckets Jaime! You are so crafty! Looks like your kids got a TON of stuff and ya'll were busy over Christmas. CAn't wait to hear more! See you soon on Monday nights!!!