Friday, March 23, 2007

Look What I can Do!!!

The other day I put Lillie in her bed to get her some clothes and when I turned around this is what I found! She can now pull up to her knees. This is her new trick and now when she is on the floor she pulls all the way up to a stand with little help. She is trying to pull up on everything within her reach. She is working real hard on crawling and can get on all fours but has not figured it all out just yet. I am so not ready for her to become mobile. I know once she gets going she will be into everything!! She seems to be a bit more daring than her brother was because when she is standing holding my hands she will let go to reach for something else. I think this is because she so eager to be doing what Evan is doing.

A Sweet Moment

The other morning Lillie woke up around six so I put her in bed with me for a little while and then Evan woke up shortly after and came to join us. They both went back to sleep quickly so I just left them in my bed so I would not wake them. As I was getting ready I went to check on the two of them and this is how they were. I had to take a picture because they were so cute all snuggled up to each other. Now one day when they are fighting and saying they don't like each other I can pull out this picture and remind them how much they adored each other at one time!!!!!

Thursday, March 15, 2007


Today while I was getting Lillie down for a nap Evan was in the floor playing and when I came back I found this. He had just crashed. Bless his heart he has been sick all week. He woke up early Mon morning and he was burning up. We went to the doctor and he is just suffering from allergies. He has ran a fever everyday since and just has not been himself. While we were there they went ahead and did a 2 yr checkup on him since we had an appointment for him the followng day. I tried to do his and Lillie's together so I would not have to do 2 trips to the doctor but so much for that!!! He weighs 28 1/2 lbs. He is a skinny guy. I have been having the hardest time finding clothes to fit him. His 24 month pants just about fall off of his waist! He is so much fun these days but is in full swing terrible twos at times. I hope that you get to feeling better soon.

Six Months

It is so hard to believe that Lillie is already 6 months!!! She is growing up way too fast for her mommy and daddy. We went to the doctor on Tues for her check up. She weighs 19lbs 11ozs and is 28 1/4 inches long. She is in the 95% in everything. Dr Stanford said She is a big girl and that big is good, big is healthy!!! She is trying to figure out the whole crawl thing and can do a little bit of an army crawl. When she is sitting up you can bend over and get any toy that is around her and then sit back up by herself. I have noticed that she has started to scoot around on her bottom while she is sitting on the floor (I don't remember Evan ever doing anything like this). She can move her self to the other side of her blanket to get a toy all while sitting up!! She is loving her feet and always takes her socks off she that she can play with them. She is so laid back about everything. We have been going on lots of playdates for Evan and she just sits back and takes it all in. Lillie you are such a wonderful baby and we are so blessed to have you!!!

Friday, March 02, 2007

The Wonder Place

Today we went to The Wonder Place with my friend Jena and her two boys Blake and Ty. Blake is 2 months older than Evan and Ty is 2 days older than Lillie. We had so much fun. There were not that many people there so the boys got to run around like wild ones. Jena and I got to sit around and not really have to worry about them. It is a really neat place. They have slides, a water table, a sand box and many other fun things. Evan loved the water table. They have these plastic shirts for them to wear but of coarse Evan got there before I could get one on him and next thing I knew he had poured water down his shirt and pants and said "I'm wet"! The water table even had special seats for babies so Lillie and Ty got to splash around!

Little Rock Zoo

Brad has been out of town alot here lately with basketball so on Tues he took the day off so we headed to the zoo for some family time. Evan had so much fun seeing all the animals. He had been before but he really didn't really care but this time he had lots of fun. He loved playing on the playground and sliding we had to drag him away from it. He feed the fish and the ducks and ran all over the place. Lillie enjoyed her day as well. I thought that she would nap in the stroller but she was awake taking it all in.


So I realized that I forgot to do an update on Lillie. She was five months on the 13. I can't believe that she is almost six months!!! She started sitting up by herself about a week after she turned four months. We keep the boppy behind her since here big brother will sometimes knock her down. I took her to my moms office to weigh her and she was a little over 19 lbs! She is really trying to get those arms and legs going when she is on the floor. She kinda scoots around on her belly to get her toys. She is just getting too big too fast but I guess this is how it goes with number 2!!!!