Friday, March 02, 2007

The Wonder Place

Today we went to The Wonder Place with my friend Jena and her two boys Blake and Ty. Blake is 2 months older than Evan and Ty is 2 days older than Lillie. We had so much fun. There were not that many people there so the boys got to run around like wild ones. Jena and I got to sit around and not really have to worry about them. It is a really neat place. They have slides, a water table, a sand box and many other fun things. Evan loved the water table. They have these plastic shirts for them to wear but of coarse Evan got there before I could get one on him and next thing I knew he had poured water down his shirt and pants and said "I'm wet"! The water table even had special seats for babies so Lillie and Ty got to splash around!

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Keri said...

Why did you not tell me you had a blog? I was searching blogs for another friend and found yours, your sneakie!
Love that I can see your precious babies!