Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Touchdown Sally's

Well in case you have not heard Brad is opening up a restaurant here in Benton. It is going to be called Touchdown Sally's. It is going to be in the old Weng's restaurant. They have gone in a totally redone everything. It really looks like a completely different place in there!! They plan on opening up sometime in September. So for all of you Benton folks I hope that you will come out and support us!!

Trip to NWA!

Sweet little Sawyer!

My of my favorite college roomies, Leslie and Jo Ann!
(JoAnne you are on of my favs also!!)

Sara, Keri (she was my lil sis), me, Leslie, and Jo Ann

A few weeks ago I took a little trip to NWA to have a girls weekend. My wonderful friend Leslie let me invade her house for the weekend! It seems like every time we get together we have our kids and so we have a hard time actually getting to carry on a conversation! On Friday we meet up with some of our fellow DZ sisters that also live there to have dinner. On Saturday I got to go see Jo Ann's new baby boy Sawyer and love on him for a little bit!! The rest of the time I think Leslie and I spent just shopping and eating!!

Thursday, August 06, 2009

We're Back!!!!!!!

So it has been so long since my last post I really do not know where to start! So here are some pics of what we have been up to since April!!!

Preschool Party

Uncle Chris and Grandma at the lake Memorial Day weekend

Grandad and Grandpa

Oh so sweet!!

Evan in the fountains in Downtown LR

Ty, Blake and Evan

Lillie and her friend Addison playing in the fountains!

And the lakehouse is always the most fun when Uncle Drew is around!

We helped Grandad celebrate his birthday!

Uncle Drew bought a slip and slide for the lake house!

Floating on her back!

Going down the slide!

Lillie practicing her kicks!

They tried to teach Evan how to dive this summer. Here is his version of a dive!!

Evan sliding down the slide on the last day of swim lessons

Riding in Grandad's RTV at the lake.

Spending most every weekend at my parents new lake house!!

Lillie sleeping in her new big girl bed!! I know she is almost 3 and it was so hard to see that crib missing from her room. But I felt it was finally time to change her over!! (I tried to keep her a baby as long as I could) I will post some pictures of her "new" room when I get it finished!

Well so there is our summer in pictures! We have spent almost every weekend at the lake house. I have to say it is wonderful over there!! The kids love it and want to go all the time. Other than that we really haven't done much. Evan finished up his three year old preschool and tee ball at the beginning of the summer. We have stayed busy with play dates with our friends. I honestly can't think of anything else that we have done this summer. I am sorry that I have not been keeping the blog up lately. I have been staying busy with Whimsy Tin and other projects! I promise that I will try to be better and not go so long without an update!!!