Thursday, December 31, 2009

Our Christmas Tree!

Seriously the cutest face!

Wanted to share a pic of our Christmas tree this year. I had two cute little elf's that helped me this year! Well I guess you could say four if you count Lillie and Evan!

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Christmas 2009!

Evan got a shaving kit from Gee and Grandad!
Uncle Drew and Ryan playing the Princess Piano!

Evan and one of his many new toys!

Lillie tearing in to her gifts!

Gee and Grandad's Gang

Lillie showing off her cute tree shirt!

This picture cracks me up! Lillie was not happy about having her pic made with Evan!

The Gaston Gang!

Evan talking on his new Walkie Talkie's

A Zhu Zhu Pet!

Lillie got one too!

The kids in their Shrek ears that Uncle Drew and Britton brought them!

I have to say that Christmas this year was so much fun! My Mom bought the kids the Elf on the Shelf so Tinsel has been hiding all over our house watching the kids! Every morning it was so much fun to watch the kids run around the house looking for him! So fun!!! We started out our Christmas festivities by going to my Granny's house on Christmas Eve. We had soup and salad and waited for my Aunt to get in. Uncle Drew and Britton were out there and the kids had the best time playing with them! They went to NYC earlier this month and so they brought the kids some Shrek ears that they got when they went to see Shrek the musical! This year was the first year that both of the kids really understood the whole Santa thing so Christmas morning was sooooo much fun with them. All Evan really wanted this year was the big Bumblebee and some Ninja Turtles so that is what he got, plus a few extra things! Miss Lillie wanted the Bitty Baby baby bed and baby stroller, and a black baby, so that is what she got! They had so much fun playing with all their new toys. Gee, Grandad and Uncle Drew all came down to have breakfast with us and play with the new toys. After they left we loaded up and headed to the Lake house to have Christmas with my parents, brother, and cousin Ryan. We had steak and bake potato's, so yummy! Then we opened up presents again, played with all the toys (this is Uncle Drew and Ryan's favorite part!) then we all stayed at the lake house that night. So fun! On Saturday we headed to my Granny's house for Christmas with her and my Aunt and her family. The kids always have fun out there playing with their cousins!!

Evan's Preshool Party

Here are a few pics from Evan's party at school. He had so much fun. They made foam stockings, Santa came to visit with gifts and we ate lots of yummy food!!!

Saturday, December 26, 2009

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas from the Gaston Gang!!!! Here is our Christmas card from this year. So I have been a little busy with buckets so if you have not received one from me yet, don't worry I cause I have not mailed very many of them!!! I have been so busy with Whimsy Tin orders so my sweet momma helped me by mailing them to all the people who sent us cards so now I have to mail the rest! So they are a little late but better late than never!! Ha! And of coarse our card was made by the Fabulous Anita over at A Piece of Pope!!!

Monday, November 30, 2009

Trip to Branson

Evan loved the lazy river

the kiddie pool area

Lillie finally crashed at SDC

seeing Santa!

Bryson was making out with the gingerbread girl while we waited to see Santa!

While Lillie was loving on this reindeer

Decorating some yummy sugar cookies!

Riding the frogs!

Lillie loving on Bryson

Thank goodness for Jena, cause I get a little sickly on some rides!!

Trying to get a group picture!

So a few weekends ago we took a little trip to Branson. Brad was working a basketball tournament in Springfield all weekend so the kids and I tagged along! I was happy that our friends Jena and Jamie decided to make the trip as well! We stayed at Castle Rock. The kids loved it with their own little nook that had bunk beds, but most of all they loved the indoor water park!!! We got there on Thursday afternoon and had the whole place to ourselves and it was pretty much like that all weekend long! On Friday we did a little shopping in the morning then headed out to Silver Dollar City! So glad that Jena and Jamie were there since Brad had to work. This was the kids first trip to SDC and they both loved it! Evan is my little thrill seeker and wanted to ride everything! The kids all got a little tired so we headed back to the hotel to play at the water park and to meet up with our friends The Kissengers!!! On Saturday we headed back to Silver Dollar City to do everything we missed out on the day before. Evan was determined to ride a roller coaster so the two of us stood in line forever to ride one. I probably asked him 100 times if he was sure he wanted to ride it and he kept saying yes so we did it and he loved it! After that we headed to meet up with everyone to play in the balls and then we found a spot to watch the parade! So sad that Brad ended up having to work the entire time so he missed out on all of the fun!

Monday, November 16, 2009


Sorry it has been awhile since I last posted! We have been crazy busy around here. I have started working at the restaurant during the day doing book keeping stuff and Whimsy Tin has been keeping me busy most nights! So its all been a good busy! Evan has finished soccer and I have to say it was fun but I will not miss the 8:30am games every Saturday!! He really seemed to enjoy it and loved playing the goalie. Lillie also started dance back in Sept. I just keep forgetting to take my camera with me to get some pictures. So I took a few last week finally!! Those who know me know that I have looked forward to the day she could start dance since the day I found out she was a girl!! She loves it! I am not sure if she is learning much but the girl has got some moves that can make you laugh!!

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Here is Lillie's birthday invitation! Thanks to my fabulous friend Anita!! She makes some super cute stuff check out A Piece of Pope over on my sidebar to see what all she can do!!!

Lillie is Three!!!!!

Singing Happy Birthday!
This is how Lillie does 3

Lillie and her little girlfriends!

Uncle Drew and Mr Kyle the snow cone makers!

Ty, Blake and Evan

Jumping in the Castle

Lillie with her cake and her poodle skirt

Poodle Cake!

Pink Poodle cupcakes

Party favor bags!

Oh my I can't believe my baby is three!!! Our little Lillie turned 3 on the 13Th! On her actually birthday she got her favorite breakfast, McDonald's pancakes and she got a Fancy Nancy doll! She is the only doll in our house that still has all her clothes on!! (Lillie is in a phase of stripping her babies to make them naked jaybirds!!!) On Friday we had her actually party, a Pink Poodle Party! It was a lot of fun. G made her a pink poodle skirt to wear but it was a little big and hot so we took it off. G also has been taking a cake decorating class and so she made her Poodle cake and cupcakes with a little help from me!! Thanks G!!! We rented a bounce castle and told the kids to bring ride on toys. It was so much fun and the kids all had a blast running around outside and jumping in the castle. Uncle Drew came and brought his new snow cone machine and him and Mr. Kyle made snow cones for all the kids, another hit and I think that now Uncle Drew may have a small side business going with snow cones!! At the end we came in for some cake and presents then let the kids run wild! It was a lot of fun and thank you to everyone for coming and making her party extra special!!!