Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Sippy Cup

Lillie is aways stealing Evan's drinks she is so proud when she drinks from a sippy cup!

Just Pics

Our New Pool

I bought this new pool for the kiddos the other day. Evan has had the best time playing in it. He especially loves the slide. Lillie didn't like getting in. I think that the water was a little to cold for her.

Bikini Ready!!!

Here is Lillie in her Duck Bikini getting ready for a swim in the new pool!!!!!

Still Standing

This is all Miss Lillie wants to do now. She has mastered her trick of pulling up and now crawls everywhere and pulls up on everything she can get a hold of. She is very daring and will let go of objects and stand all by herself for a few seconds. Will she be walking soon?????

Ready for the Pool

A few weekends we went to Uncle Drew's house to help get his patio ready for summer. Evan was playing all around the pool so finally I stripped him down to his diaper and let him splash on the steps. He had the best time kicking and splashing. The water was cold but that didn't stop him from taking a dip on the steps!!!

Sunday, May 20, 2007


We went to Cajun's the other night for my brothers birthday. We had a table right next to the fish tank and the kids loved it. Lillie was so excited she was bouncing up and down in the highchair. Evan was talking to all the fish and watching them swim all around the tank. There was a fish that looked like Nemo and one that looked like Dory. They both had so much fun watching all the fish swim around. There was a snail on the glass that Evan was worried about because it was not moving. I think that he thought something was wrong because he pointed at it and started crying.

Eight Months!!!!

Well Miss Lillie is 8 months. I still can not believe how quickly time is passing. I feel like I just had her a month ago. She is crawling everywhere. She crawls with her right leg out instead of tucked under her. It is a crazy crawl but she gets where she is going! She has started to do a bear crawl and will stop and walk her hands back toward her feet and looks like she is going to just stand up on her own but she just falls back on her bottom. I can tell that she just wants to get up and walk to keep up with Evan but hopefully she will hold off on that trick for a few more months!!! Last week she started waving and saying bye-bye. She weighs about 20-21 pounds and is sadly starting to slim up some (I miss all of those fat rolls on the legs and those hound dog cheeks). She is so much fun and such a little ham! We feel so blessed to have had two wonderful babies!!!!!!

Sunday, May 13, 2007

Happy Mother's Day

Happy Mothers Day Mom, Charmaine, and Kathy, I hope that you all had a great day today!
Brad and the kids got me a new bike and a buggy for Mother's Day. We took it out for a test ride after dinner. The kids loved it but my legs are killing me!!!!

My Little Artist

Evan wanted to paint with his new watercolors that he got the other day so I got out some paper and let him go to town. He had so much fun and since that day he now will ask to paint at least once a day if not more. He has always liked coloring but now all he wants it paint. This makes mommy so happy since I love to do little crafty things.

Busy Day

On the same day that Lillie got Baptized Evan had a birthday party. It was at The Wonderplace in Little Rock. He had so much fun playing away with all the neat stuff there. It was a closed party so it was nice to know he could run around freely and I didn't really have to worry about him. They did a water color art project and got a little apron to take home and the they got little goody bags that had paints, crayons and candy in them. We had lots of fun and as you can see he was exhausted after our busy day!

Lillie's Baptisim

Lillie was Baptized on May 6Th at St Matthews. This is the same Church that Evan and my brother and I were all Baptized in as well. St Matthews is a very small church and so many of the people that were there also were present when I got Baptized.
She looked absolutely beautiful in her gown. We took more pictures at the Church with my moms camera so I will post some more pictures when I get copies. It was a very special day!

Thanks Gran and Uncle Drew!!!!

Uncle Drew bought Evan and Lillie a turtle sandbox. Lillie has not had a chance to play in it but Evan loves playing in the sand. Gran got them the water table which both of the kids love to splash around in. Evan always wants to be outside so we wanted him to have lots to do out there. I finally wised up and put him in his swimsuit because all he wants to do is pour the water on himself!

Lillie's Pulling Up and Crawling!!!

Well a few weeks ago Lillie offically started pulling up all the way to a stand all by herself, and the next day started crawling. She has been working on the whole crawl thing since she was about 4 1/2 months. She would get up on all fours and rock and rock but would only go backwards. She would get so frustrated with herself and just get mad and start to cry. I would just see her watching Evan and know that she just wanted to be doing what he was! As far as the whole pulling up she has been doing this with a little help for a while but one day I put her in her bed while I was getting her some clothes and when I came out of her closet she was standing there just smiling and laughing. She is keeping me on my toes because she is so busy and into everything. I am not looking forward to her walking anytime soon because I know she is going to be a mess!!!

Where to Begin.....

Alot has been going on since I last posted. I have not posted in awhile, up until last week we have been on dial up here at the Gaston household and finally our neighborhood got DSL!!! So before that it took forever to upload pictures so I didn't have time to wait forever to do a post so now that we are highspeed :) I can try to do more posts. So I am fixing to do a marathon post!!!