Sunday, May 20, 2007

Eight Months!!!!

Well Miss Lillie is 8 months. I still can not believe how quickly time is passing. I feel like I just had her a month ago. She is crawling everywhere. She crawls with her right leg out instead of tucked under her. It is a crazy crawl but she gets where she is going! She has started to do a bear crawl and will stop and walk her hands back toward her feet and looks like she is going to just stand up on her own but she just falls back on her bottom. I can tell that she just wants to get up and walk to keep up with Evan but hopefully she will hold off on that trick for a few more months!!! Last week she started waving and saying bye-bye. She weighs about 20-21 pounds and is sadly starting to slim up some (I miss all of those fat rolls on the legs and those hound dog cheeks). She is so much fun and such a little ham! We feel so blessed to have had two wonderful babies!!!!!!