Friday, November 30, 2007


We made our first trip to Build-A-Bear tonight to make Rudolph and Clarice. Gran wanted to take the kids because Evan loves to watch Rudolph at her house. Evan loved it. He has not been a big fan of stuffed animals until this one and he has not put his Rudolph down since he made him. Lillie tried to join in the fun but the machines kind of scared her. She also threw a fit when we tried to put a dress on hers! But she did a great job of putting the heart in her Clarice! It was a lot of fun and we look forward to going back and doing it again!

Breakfast With Santa

Sqeezed into the car. You can't see Blake who was behind Elle!

Ashley and Avery, Jac and Elle, Jena, Ty and Blake, Me and the kids, Katie, Maggie and Carsen

We went to the Children's Hospital Breakfast with Santa today with some of our friends. The kids had so much fun. We all squeezed into Jena's car (it was a flashback to a spring break trip for me and Jena)! Miss Elle kept us entertained with her wonderful singing on the way to LR. She was too cute! The kids had their picture made with Santa and both did really well. We had some yummy pancakes, eggs and bacon. The big boys got to make some little crafts and we had the best time. We saw another friend while we were there and tried our best to get a group picture made. It was so much fun and we hope to make it an annual trip with the gang!

Ho Ho Ho Merry Christmas

Here is Evan with his Santa Mr. Potato Head beard on. He ran around all last night saying Ho Ho Ho Merry Christmas. He also would say I am Santa Claus, I come in peace! He is so funny these days.

Thursday, November 29, 2007

We're Back!!

Sorry it has been forever since our last post. It is Basketball Season again! Brad has been super busy this month with his games. (For those who don't know he is a basketball referee) I think that he has been home maybe 4-5 days this month. It has been a long month here at the Gaston household. We have all been missing him and ready for next month when his schedule is a little slower and he is only gone on the weekends. On top of him being gone I have been doing lots of Junior Auxiliary stuff and have not found the time to post. I did lots of posts today so enjoy. I know some grandparents and an aunt that have probably been wondering where their updates are!!!


Evan and his train
Ty, Madden and Lillie
Blake and his trian
Ross Anthony
We went with some of our friends to Doodleworks today to attempt to make some Christmas plates. It was an adventure to say the least. We let the big boys paint a piece of their choice (big surprise Evan picked the train). The little ones sat in their strollers for a little while but they got a little restless. I wanted to make reindeer with their feet and hands. Lillie hated it and cried while we painted her feet. I had to leave to meet with the cabinet guy about the new house and so I plan on going back when the kids go to kids day out to finish my project. Evan also had a break down because he didn't understand why the lady would not let him take his train home! I will post pictures of the plate and train when we get them back!
Jacqueline and Elle were also with us but I guess I didn't get their pic. Elle loved it as much as Lillie!!!

Thanksgiving 2007

We celebrated Thanksgiving at my Granny's house. We had a wonderful lunch with all of my mom's family. This was Lillie's first time to experience all the yummy food!

Turkey Hands

Lillie's first masterpiece!(mom helped a little)
Evan's turkey

We went to a friends house the week of Thanksgiving to make some turkey hands. Lillie did not enjoy getting the paint on her hands and after she ate a little paint we decided she was done. Evan on the other hand loves to paint and so he had a great time since he loves to paint.

Snuggle Time

Just had to post this pic of the kids. Lillie can into the living room and started to point and grunt! She took me to Evan's room because she wanted to get up in the bed with him to watch a movie. They were so precious snuggled up together.

To Infinity and Beyond!

Evan is loving Buzz Lightyear right now. He runs around the house with his arms out like wings yelling to infinity and beyond! He even has to push the button on his chest to pop his wings out! Beware if you come to our house because he will also shoot you with his arm laser! The other day he was playing in Lillie's room while I was getting her ready and he said I am Buzz Lightyear, I come in peace. It is so funny watching him use his little imagination.

Little Miss Independent

Lillie has became so independent these days. She wants to do everything for herself. She loves to feed herself and makes a huge mess in the process. If we try to take her spoon away she will throw the biggest hissyfit! She also seems to think that she is as big as her brother and wants to do everything that he does. She just gets more fun everyday!!!

Saturday, November 03, 2007

House Update

still alot left to brick!
you can see our stone around the bottom of the entry

Here are some pics of house that I took today. The weather has finally cleared so that the brickers can get finished up. Brad said that they should be done by the end of next week as long as it doesn't rain. They have finally started on some of the stone. I went to meet the cabinet man on Thurs. It was a fun trip since I had both of the kids and it was like a mad house out there since the brickers, roofers, heat/air, electrician and cabinet man were all out there working! I finally had to take the kids to the car and pop in a movie so that I could get everything done. I still have not done my kitchen cabinets so I have to meet him next week to finish that up after I go and pick out my appliances. I am so ready for the outside to be done so I can see the finished product.

WOW, our Mommy is 30!!!!

Yes, I am officially 30! I have had a wonderful little birthday weekend. Brad took me to eat at Crew on Friday night and then we met up with some friends at So for some cocktails. Tonight my parents and kiddos took me out for a birthday dinner at Outback since I had been having little cravings for it! After dinner my mom babysat so I could go to a 30th birthday party for one of my friends husband! Thanks to everyone who called and sent cards I appreciate you thinking of me today!!!