Monday, December 29, 2008

Preschool Party

Here are some pictures of Evan's preschool Christmas party. Sorry I don't have very many the camera battery died. It was a lot of fun. We had lots of yummy food! Santa came to see the kids and hand out presents to all the kids. My wonderful mom made the stockings for the kids that were filled with little stocking stuffers.

Cookie Exchange

Lillie got invited to her first cookie exchange this year at her friend Chloe's house! Since it iced that day Evan got to go as well (he was the only boy)! Laura did such a good job. The kids decorated their own cookie boxes then got to fill their boxes up with cookies that everyone made! Then they decorated cookies and we had some yummy food! It was so much fun and we hope that it will become something we do each year!!

Gingerbread Girl Birthday

On the same day as the horse riding party, Lillie's little friend Madden had her birthday party. it was a gingerbread girl party. The kids all decorated their own gingerbread man to take home. Lots of fun and lots of sugar!!! It was a busy weekend, we also went to a birthday party for Evan's best friend Blake on that Friday night I just forgot to take a camera!

Hobbit Hill

Evan was invited to a birthday party for one of his friends in preschool. It was a horse riding birthday. I had something else that I had to do that day so I asked my mom to take them to the party. She officially gets an award for taking them because it was freezing outside!! I really didn't think that the kids would even really want to ride a horse but they both surprised me! Evan rode first then when Lillie saw him she got excited and started yelling me too my turn my turn so she got her turn as well! I was sad that I missed them riding for the first time.


what Uncle Drew did to me!!!

Thanksgiving Pictures

Well since I never really got around to posting about Thanksgiving I thought that I could start here. We just went to my Granny's like we always do. It was such a pretty day so the little kids and the big boys got outside to play some football. It was so much fun. The kids had a blast running around in all the leaves. I had Lillie in her smocked dress which she was not happy about because it got in her way of running. She managed by pulling it up to her neck and running around!!!

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Merry Christmas!

Hope that everyone has a Merry Christmas. I hope to do lots of blogging this weekend! (Starting with Thanksgiving Pictures!)

Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Yes it is true.....

we were robbed today. The lady that cleans our house called me at about 11:15 to tell me that she thought our house had been broken into. When she got here to clean the garage door was open as well as our door going into our house. They took our tv in our living room (and were so kind as to not disturb my garland as they removed it from above the fireplace.) They took lots of random things but saddest for me was they took all my jewelry. I had some diamond earrings that I got for college graduation and a diamond necklace. The diamond in the necklace was my grandfathers and since I was his only granddaughter he left it to me. My parents had it put it into a necklace for me to wear on my wedding day. I also lost my braclet that Brad gave me after I had Evan. I know that insurance will cover some of these but I know in my heart that the diamond that I got from my grandfather can never be replaced. (I now have one pair of earrings and my engagement/wedding rings which will help with easy decision making in the mornings!) They took other stuff such as my mom's cricut machine so I hope they do some lovely scrapbooking with that!!

We are very thankful that we were home or came home while they were here. It was hard to come in and see what they did to our house and know they had gone through all of our things. I hate the fact that took the safety and security we felt here away from us. I know that one day we will feel normal here again but right now that is hard for me to not have an uneasy feeling in my stomache.

I just wanted those who have heard our latest bad news to know that we are doing okay and we appreciate you thinking of us! I plan on posting some Thanksgiving pics here soon. We had a great day that day!