Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Lillie's Field Trip to the Fair

The turkey!

watching them milk the cow!

The first week of preschool we took at field trip to the Saline County Fair to see the animals. So fun! I made here stand close to the turkey cage for a picture and I think it almost gobbled her up. Poor girl was done with the animals after that!

4 Yr Old Preschool

Miss Lillie started back to preschool in September. This is our 4th yr in a row to have Mrs. Shannon and it is going to be sad next year when I no longer have a kid there.

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

1st Day of the First Grade!!

Evan started the 1st grade this year. The pics are a little out of order. The first pic is in is room. The two pics of him in the green shirt are from the last day of Kindergarten and then the last one is the 1st day of 1st grade. I am amazed at how much he has changed. He looks so grown up. That last little bit of baby face is slowly disappearing. I love listening to him read to me and how he will sound out words. It is precious! Although it makes me sad to see his little life flying by, I am also so thankful to see him grow and learn new things.

The Ducks

This summer we had a little family of ducks that would hang out at the lakehouse. The kids loved seeing them swim up. I was shocked at how the momma duck would let her babies swim right up to us and let them eat out of our hands.

Summer Time

We spent most of our summer at the lake house. The kids would go over on Thursday night and would stay through Mon. They both are little water bugs and we spend every minute in the lake or in the neighborhood pool. They have amazed me with their swimming this summer. Evan is fearless and all he wants to do at the pool is be in the deep end. He wants to dive down in 11 ft of water just to touch the bottom. He has been jumping off the high diving board all summer. Lillie started off a little timid in the water but by the end of the summer she was swimming all over the pool floatie free. Toward the end of the summer they closed the small diving board. Lille really wanted to jump so I told her to jump off of the big board. She climbed up and I figured that she would just climb back down but she actually jumped! I was shocked and she loved it so from that point on I had to make her take breaks from jumping.

Sunday, May 29, 2011

Time again for an Update!!

So I am a terrible blogger these days! I guess I will start doing marathon post every 6 months!! Ha! We have had a lot going on and since I have started back to work full time, it is hard to find time to do any kind of update. So check out the post below for a little update as to what has been going on in our little world!

Lillie's Preschool Picnic

Well 3 year old preschool is officially over with for Miss Lillie. We celebrated the last day at our house with a picnic. We had lots of yummy food and all of the kids had a blast riding all of their toys around outside. This year has flown and I know that Lillie will miss all of her friends this summer.