Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Summer Time

We spent most of our summer at the lake house. The kids would go over on Thursday night and would stay through Mon. They both are little water bugs and we spend every minute in the lake or in the neighborhood pool. They have amazed me with their swimming this summer. Evan is fearless and all he wants to do at the pool is be in the deep end. He wants to dive down in 11 ft of water just to touch the bottom. He has been jumping off the high diving board all summer. Lillie started off a little timid in the water but by the end of the summer she was swimming all over the pool floatie free. Toward the end of the summer they closed the small diving board. Lille really wanted to jump so I told her to jump off of the big board. She climbed up and I figured that she would just climb back down but she actually jumped! I was shocked and she loved it so from that point on I had to make her take breaks from jumping.