Thursday, November 29, 2007


Evan and his train
Ty, Madden and Lillie
Blake and his trian
Ross Anthony
We went with some of our friends to Doodleworks today to attempt to make some Christmas plates. It was an adventure to say the least. We let the big boys paint a piece of their choice (big surprise Evan picked the train). The little ones sat in their strollers for a little while but they got a little restless. I wanted to make reindeer with their feet and hands. Lillie hated it and cried while we painted her feet. I had to leave to meet with the cabinet guy about the new house and so I plan on going back when the kids go to kids day out to finish my project. Evan also had a break down because he didn't understand why the lady would not let him take his train home! I will post pictures of the plate and train when we get them back!
Jacqueline and Elle were also with us but I guess I didn't get their pic. Elle loved it as much as Lillie!!!

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