Saturday, November 03, 2007

House Update

still alot left to brick!
you can see our stone around the bottom of the entry

Here are some pics of house that I took today. The weather has finally cleared so that the brickers can get finished up. Brad said that they should be done by the end of next week as long as it doesn't rain. They have finally started on some of the stone. I went to meet the cabinet man on Thurs. It was a fun trip since I had both of the kids and it was like a mad house out there since the brickers, roofers, heat/air, electrician and cabinet man were all out there working! I finally had to take the kids to the car and pop in a movie so that I could get everything done. I still have not done my kitchen cabinets so I have to meet him next week to finish that up after I go and pick out my appliances. I am so ready for the outside to be done so I can see the finished product.

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