Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Christmas 2009!

Evan got a shaving kit from Gee and Grandad!
Uncle Drew and Ryan playing the Princess Piano!

Evan and one of his many new toys!

Lillie tearing in to her gifts!

Gee and Grandad's Gang

Lillie showing off her cute tree shirt!

This picture cracks me up! Lillie was not happy about having her pic made with Evan!

The Gaston Gang!

Evan talking on his new Walkie Talkie's

A Zhu Zhu Pet!

Lillie got one too!

The kids in their Shrek ears that Uncle Drew and Britton brought them!

I have to say that Christmas this year was so much fun! My Mom bought the kids the Elf on the Shelf so Tinsel has been hiding all over our house watching the kids! Every morning it was so much fun to watch the kids run around the house looking for him! So fun!!! We started out our Christmas festivities by going to my Granny's house on Christmas Eve. We had soup and salad and waited for my Aunt to get in. Uncle Drew and Britton were out there and the kids had the best time playing with them! They went to NYC earlier this month and so they brought the kids some Shrek ears that they got when they went to see Shrek the musical! This year was the first year that both of the kids really understood the whole Santa thing so Christmas morning was sooooo much fun with them. All Evan really wanted this year was the big Bumblebee and some Ninja Turtles so that is what he got, plus a few extra things! Miss Lillie wanted the Bitty Baby baby bed and baby stroller, and a black baby, so that is what she got! They had so much fun playing with all their new toys. Gee, Grandad and Uncle Drew all came down to have breakfast with us and play with the new toys. After they left we loaded up and headed to the Lake house to have Christmas with my parents, brother, and cousin Ryan. We had steak and bake potato's, so yummy! Then we opened up presents again, played with all the toys (this is Uncle Drew and Ryan's favorite part!) then we all stayed at the lake house that night. So fun! On Saturday we headed to my Granny's house for Christmas with her and my Aunt and her family. The kids always have fun out there playing with their cousins!!

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Lora and Casey said...

Happy New Year, Jaime! :) Your family is precious.