Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Christmas Card Photo Shoot

Well on Saturday I tried to do pictures of the kids for our Christmas cards. It was crazy. First of all Lillie was not in a very good mood because she is cutting about 8 teeth right now. (YES 8 fun times around here!!!) Evan on the other hand is a complete ham in front of the camera and so he loves to get his picture made and yell Cheese Please! Second it is almost impossible to get a one and two year old to look at the camera at the same time. So here are just a few pics from our little photo shoot. I will post a copy of the card as soon as I get them back. Hopefully next year will be easier!!


Anita said...

Love the new updates! I dread trying to take a picture for our Christmas card. It least one of mine can't move around.

Melissa Williams said...

You could put all 4 pics in there and say something cute. Just a thought, I love those pics though!

Anonymous said...

Girl, I feel your pain! I could not get Kole to act right, and Kate was just posing! I finally got one that is alright, but wish it could have been better! You have the most adorable kiddos!!
Tambrey Kinley
email me your mailing address

Olivia Grace said...

Love the picts. The kids are precious!! Miss you, Leslie