Thursday, December 20, 2007

Little Miss 15 Months!!!

Well I can't believe that Lillie is already 15 months old. She seems to think that she is about 3 years old!! She wants to do everything that her big brother does. She has finally decided to get some more teeth and has been cutting about 8 right now. She has also decided that she wants to talk and has started to say something other then momma and dadda. I guess when you can point and grunt and get what you want there is really not other need to talk!! I took her to my moms office today because she has been sick and she has her first ear infection. She weighed 22lbs 7ozs so she has gained a big 5ozs since her 12 month check up. Which is funny because the girl can eat and loves to eat!! I guess she has some great metabolism. She is such a mess these days but still can be the sweetest, snuggliest baby girl ever! She missed KDO yesterday and the director was upset because she missed her Lillie cuddles for the day! She has also became a little dancing machine and can jam to Rudolph. Mommy is so proud of the dancing! She has grown way too fast.

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