Thursday, July 26, 2007

Our Playhouse

So the other day I was driving by a resale shop in town and saw this playhouse sitting outside. I called the store and the lady told me the price and that this was brand new never been used and it was still in the box when she got it. So I called G and told her about it and she went and picked it up for the kids. They have had the best time playing in it and yes it is still sitting in between the foyer and dining room and will go to the playroom in the new house. I had full intentions of putting it out back, but Brad wanted to leave it inside so that it would not get ruined in the weather. I am glad we did because they have had the best time and so has every other kid that has been over!

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Melissa Williams said...

You Mom is simply wonderful to do things for her Grandkids...makes me sure do miss my Grandma. Evan and Lillie are super lucky!