Thursday, July 03, 2008

The BIG BooBoo

That is right Lillie is now sporting a little purple cast! Yesterday when I picked her up from kids day out she was kissing on her wrist and crying. By the time we got home she would not let me touch it or grab anything with it. I took her to see the family doctor yesterday where they did Xrays because it was starting to look a little swollen. They thought everything looked fine but when the doctor started moving her wrist she heard a clicking noise so she sent us on to the ortho doctor today where he saw a buckle fracture on her wrist. He turned and asked Lillie what color she wanted her cast to be! She has to wear it for two weeks to let it heal. So far she has done well and has not tried to take it off. She is proud of her booboo and has been showing it off! Lets just pray she keeps it on and doesn't use it as a weapon against Evan.


Anita said...

The kids are growing so much!!! Such cuties. Love your buckets!!

Olivia Grace said...

Poor baby!!!