Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Say Goodbye to the Na-Na

stuffing them in
a little unsure of giving it up
A few weeks ago I decided that it was time for Lillie to get rid of her pacifiers. She only really wanted one when she was napping or at bedtime. But this never stopped her from sticking one in when she found one on the floor!! Lillie started calling them her na-na. I had heard of people taking their kid to Build-A-Bear and had them put their pacifiers in their animal. So I asked Lillie if she wanted to exchange her na-na's for a bear. She said yes so we gathered up all of the pacifiers around the house and headed early on Saturday morning. When we got there the machine was broken but they stuffed her dog (that is what she wanted) by hand. At the end they let her kiss all of her na-na's goodbye and put them in. She was a little unsure of putting the last one in! So we now have Na-Na dog or Na-Na Oscar as Lillie calls her! She has done pretty good without them. First few nights were a little ruff but after about 3 nights of her waking up wanting it in the middle of the night she is sleeping perfectly without it. She does have her moments when she will ask for her na-na but I will get her her dog. She did have one time that she tried to open up the dog to get one out!!! Lillie we are so proud of you, you are becoming such a big girl!

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