Sunday, August 26, 2007

Trip to Nebraska

We headed to Nebraska for a long weekend with our friends Kipp and Jenny. Kipp and Brad referee basketball together and Jenny and I have became Chicago shopping buddies! They have three sweet little boys so it was a very fun filled weekend at their house. Friday Jenny and I took three of the kids to the Omaha Zoo. There were lots of animals out and about (including this crazy orangutan). The boys got to run around a little and Lillie just enjoyed the ride. We took a ride on the Zoo Train which was a nice rest since the zoo is very big and all hills.
All in all we had a wonderful weekend with friends. Thanks to Kipp, Jenny and the boys for having us. We can't wait to see you guys in Chicago for a weekend of shopping and spending our husbands money!!!!

Lazy Lake Day!!

Saturday we had a lazy day at the lake. The weather in Nebraska was wonderful. I think that it was in the 80's which was such a relief from the weather we have been having here. Our friends live in a neighborhood where there is a small private lake so it was quiet and peaceful. The little boys and big boys played with the water guns while the girls got a little sun. I actually think that I got a little five minute nap! After we left the lake we went back to their house for the kids to nap then to Omaha for Pizza!

Evan and the Baby Cow?????

The Kissingers have a chocolate lab named Sidney. On the way to Nebraska we were telling Evan that he would get to meet their new baby Cal. So when we got to their house Evan was making his way to the basement and started screaming, so I went rushing to him only to find Sidney was licking him! Evan thought that Sidney was a baby Cow and that she was trying to bite him! It took him a little while to get use to the dog but as we arrived home this afternoon he was crying for the baby cow!!

Wiggly Time!

Evan and I went to go see The Wiggles last week. We went with our friends Jena and Blake. Evan had a fun time. I think that

he was a little in shock of the whole thing. But we had good seats and two of the Wiggles walked right by us!!

Sunday, August 19, 2007

House Progress

This is the progress on the house. Hopefully we will have a slab by the end of this week.

Nap Time

Precious moments of my cuties!!
(The first pic is of Evan asleep on the hardwood floors)

Bed Head

Lillie woke up from her afternoon nap with the greatest hair!! It was a crazy mess.

Sleeping Beauty

The other day I was making my brother a dessert for a couples shower he was having at his house. Lillie was so fussy and wanted me to hold her the entire time. I put her in her highchair, turned my back for a few minutes and thought she sure is quiet. This is what I found! She was zonked out!!! It was so cute I had to take a few pics before moving her to her bed.

Lillie and Luke

Lillie's boyfriend Luke came to play the other day. His mom is my good friend Elizabeth that I worked with at Alltel. He is about 4 months younger than Lillie. Lillie enjoyed kissing him and holding his hand!!!

Sunday, August 12, 2007

Eleven Months Already!

Miss Lillie is already 11 months. I can't believe that in one month she will be turning ONE!! It is time to get busy with the party plans for the big bash. She is now an official walker and is becoming a master of her new trick. She is crawling a lot less now and only does it when she falls down or is in a hurry to get to something. She loves her new found freedom. She has not really put on much weight and looks like she is starting to slim up. I am going to miss all those little rolls and her little chubby cheeks that are slowly disappearing. Here are a few pics of her in her monthly pose with her elephant and a few of her walking!

The Circus

We took the kids to the Circus today. It was a family event since Evan wanted his Grandad, Gran, and Uncle Drew to attend with us. It was fun to watch the kids reactions to the different acts. Evan got a little bored and was more interested in sitting on the steps and going from person to person then he was with the circus.

Congrats Dr Grandma!!!

This past weekend we made the trip to Commerce Texas to see Brad's mom graduate with her PhD. She has been working on this for the past 5 years and she was very excited that it is all over with. We went down on Friday and went to dinner with her and Uncle Chris. Then on Saturday we went to the luncheon for all of the doctoral candidates and their families. Then off to graduation. The kids did well through both events but we had to sneak out at the end of the graduation ceremony because everyone was getting very restless. Now the kids can officially call her DR. GRANDMA!!!! Congrats again Charmaine we are so happy for you!