Saturday, November 15, 2008

Good News

Just wanted to let everyone know that Brad had his appointment with the ENT and everything was fine. He said that the PET Scans are very sensitive in that area and that he didn't see any signs of a growth in the area. He is now just waiting to find out when he starts radiation. Thanks you for checking in on him!

Halloween Pictures (Better late then never)

Sorry these are out of orderThe candy corn costume
Drew's house

Kyle, God's gift to Women, and Heather

Lillie and her costume!

At Spook City

Evan's preschool class (look at those cute buckets!)

At the parade

Look at all of those super hero's!!

Buzz Lightyear to the rescue

More from the Parade

Evan's classmates

I made these Franks for the kids

Lillie's KDO party

She was so ready for a cupcake!

Well sorry that it is almost Thanksgiving and I am just now getting to Halloween pics it has just been a crazy past few weeks!!! Here goes on our Halloween festivities...... On Wednesday the kids had parties at KDO. I thought that they were both a 1:00 but I was wrong so I have zero pics from Evan's party. Lillie's class just did cupcakes and other snacks after nap time. She loves her new class and her teachers. She was so ready for her cupcake she didn't even know I was there!!!! Thursday we had Evan's preschool party. All of the kids dressed up and went on a parade through downtown to trick or treat with some of the businesses. It was a lot of fun but I think that Evan was bored by the end. When we got back we had a party and the kids got all of their goodies!!!! That night Brad and I took the kids to Spook City downtown. All of the business set up tables for the kids to trick or treat at. It is a fun safe way to take your kids trick or treating. We met up with their buddies, Blake and Ty, and while the adults enjoyed corn dogs and nachos the kids ran around crazy on the courthouse lawn! Since we only have 2 neighbors we headed back to the old neighborhood to trick or treat with Blake and Ty. Lillie refused to wear her costume so she just wore her whites!! (I brought a tutu and wings for back up and she refused to wear those as well!!! This week though she has worn the wings to fly around our house and her candy corn costume!!!) That following Saturday Brad took me out for my birthday!! (I will just say felt a little harder turning 31 since I am now officially IN my thirties!!!!) But anyway we went to Cantina Laredo with our friends Heather and Kyle, then we headed over to my brothers for Booz at Drew's! His Halloween party was lots of fun. He was God's gift to women! I forgot to take pictures but his house looked amazing and there were some of the funniest costumes!!!! If you would like to see more visit the Coon Family she was better at pictures than I was. She did a little dance with her sister and husband that is funny so go check it for a good laugh!!

Tuesday, November 04, 2008

News about Brad!

I promise to do Halloween post in the next few days. We had a great Halloween. I have lots of pictures of Evan from his preschool parade and party and from trick or treating. In case you are wondering Evan was Buzz Lightyear and Lillie was going to be Candy Corn but refused to put the costume on. Gee was a little disappointed since she made her costume! But anyway more on that later.

On to Brad news. He had his PET Scan yesterday and his follow up appointment today. Good news is that all of the infection that was originally there is now gone!!!! Big Praises!!! But his scan did show something in his nasal area that was questionable. He is now being referred to an ENT to see what this is. His white blood count was still very low and so he got another shot today to help give him a boost. He will go back next week to have it checked again. On another not so happy note she is going to have him do radiation. He will have to do this for five weeks and it will be done everyday for those five weeks. He did really good with the chemo and so I hope that he will do the same with the radiation. Basketball season is getting started and I know that he is ready to be healthy so that he can get to being a referee and me and the kids are just ready to have him back to his healthy self!!!!

Please keep praying for him that this thing in his nasal area is not going to be anything serious!!!

Check back for Halloween post in the near future (hopefully)!