Thursday, June 28, 2007


I just have to do some updating on Evan mainly because I want to be able to look back and remember what all he has accomplished. Evan started speech therapy back in Nov because he was not really talking. But after he finally got tubes in his ears at 21 months he made a huge turn around. The doctor encouraged us to continue his therapy for his speech. So now not only is he talking up a storm but his speech teacher told me that she thinks he has caught up. He will continue doing therapy until he comes back up for an evaluation. But as his mommy I am of coarse so proud of how well he as done.
Evan here is what all you have learned (you have been able to do this for a few months now but I just now have decided to post). You can count to ten by yourself. We have been working on getting to twenty but you just stop at 10. You also love to count objects. When you are eating lunch you will always count how many chips you have on your plate, etc. You know your ABC's and can identify all of your letters! I always sing the ABC song to you and you just look at me and smile but never join in until a few weeks ago when I was singing them to you and stopped at P and you finished the rest by yourself! You know that E is for Evan and L is for Lillie and the other day you came to me with a T and said T is for Thomas. You also know all of your colors and can identify shapes. Mommy is so proud of how far you have come in the past 7 months!

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