Sunday, April 27, 2008

We're Back!!!

Well we are moved in. I still lots of boxes to unpack. The joys of moving!!!!!! The day we moved in I noticed that we had a few furry things moving in with us! Our house looked like it was being invaded by caterpillars. They were everywhere and there were hundreds of them. I took the kids on a walk on day and you couldn't walk in the street because they were all over the road. Evan is like his mommy and doesn't care for these little furry creatures but Lillie on the other hand loves them. She talks to them and will sit in the middle of all of them. Another little surprise visitor we have is a humming bird or "hummer bird" as Evan likes to call it! Brad had noticed one in our front yard so I bought a feeder and sure enough it came back. The kids have loved watching it come and eat the red juice. We also have lots of deer roaming in our backyard. They will come through in the evening and graze and are always fun to see. But as of right now we love our new house and new neighborhood. It has been an adjustment now that we are about 10 min from town I have to plan a little better to get everywhere in time! I will post some pics sometime in the near future but right now we are waiting for the painters to come and finish up lots of stuff!!!!!!

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