Sunday, May 11, 2008

So Independent

Miss Lillie is about to be 20 months old!!! I can't believe she is so close to two!!!! She is a mess these days. I had cleaned out her drawer the other day and left some of the clothes that she has

outgrown on her floor. Well I guess she thought that she was not ready to part with them because she gathered all up and carried them around saying mine, mine. Then while I was getting ready she decided to get herself ready with the same clothes and this is what I found. She put her shirt on around her waist. I took it off and went on to finish getting ready and found her again with the same thing only she took her pants of the second time! This is the only way she ever puts on clothes even when I am trying to put her shirt on she wants to put her legs through it to get it on! But she is always so proud of herself when she does these things because she did it all by herself!

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