Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Update from the Gaston Gang!

Sorry that I have been a bad blogger!! We have been busy around here. I have been busy painting Halloween buckets!! Everyone is doing great here. Brad will be having his last treatment on Tuesday the 21st!! I can't believe how quickly it has gone by and how lucky he is to only have to go through this for two months! I was watching Good Morning America last week and Robin Roberts was talking about her treatments and said she had 7 months worth. I realized how lucky Brad had been by only having 2 months! He will go for another scan on Nov 3rd (my birthday) to see if the chemo has killed the infection. If we get good news it will be the best b-day present that I could ever get! And by the way the man has not lost one single strand of his hair! I told someone that his roots must be in his feet. I think that everyone has been surprised by this because there was like a 90% chance he would loose his hair!!! Maybe this means he will never become a bald old man! We are both very hopeful that he will not have to have radiation and that this will be the end of his illness.
I feel like we can never say thank you enough to everyone. We have had such an amazing support system through all of this. We are so blessed by everyone in our life! Please keep praying for him over the next few weeks. Pray that his scans will come back clear and that he will be cancer free!!!!
Be sure to check below because I did lots of post today!!!! Oh and the picture up above, Brad and I loved it of the kids. They got these masks from Grace and Olivia and had the best time wearing them around the house. I told Brad that Evan looked like a racoon in his because his eyes were so big they filled up the holes!!!!! Lillie of coarse had to be like her big brother!!


Jenny Kissinger said...

Glad to hear your family is doing've been in my thoughts and prayers...we'll be thinking of you next week and on November 3rd! Love, Jenny K.

Tambrey said...

I will pray all the scans will come back clear. You are such a brave wife and mom. Lots of hugs!!

joanne said...

What great news only a few weeks left!!! It has flown by it seems. I have kept you guys in my prayers.

Olivia Grace said...

That is terrific news. I will continue praying for a great report on your birthday. Oh, you will be 31, right!!!!

the Fosters said...

Hey Jamie! Glad to hear your hubby is doing as well as he is! How hard that must be for you guys to go through.
Your tins are precious! You do a great job on them.

the boyd girls.... said...

I am so glad things are getting better! Love you!