Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Update from the Gaston Gang!

Sorry that I have been a bad blogger!! We have been busy around here. I have been busy painting Halloween buckets!! Everyone is doing great here. Brad will be having his last treatment on Tuesday the 21st!! I can't believe how quickly it has gone by and how lucky he is to only have to go through this for two months! I was watching Good Morning America last week and Robin Roberts was talking about her treatments and said she had 7 months worth. I realized how lucky Brad had been by only having 2 months! He will go for another scan on Nov 3rd (my birthday) to see if the chemo has killed the infection. If we get good news it will be the best b-day present that I could ever get! And by the way the man has not lost one single strand of his hair! I told someone that his roots must be in his feet. I think that everyone has been surprised by this because there was like a 90% chance he would loose his hair!!! Maybe this means he will never become a bald old man! We are both very hopeful that he will not have to have radiation and that this will be the end of his illness.
I feel like we can never say thank you enough to everyone. We have had such an amazing support system through all of this. We are so blessed by everyone in our life! Please keep praying for him over the next few weeks. Pray that his scans will come back clear and that he will be cancer free!!!!
Be sure to check below because I did lots of post today!!!! Oh and the picture up above, Brad and I loved it of the kids. They got these masks from Grace and Olivia and had the best time wearing them around the house. I told Brad that Evan looked like a racoon in his because his eyes were so big they filled up the holes!!!!! Lillie of coarse had to be like her big brother!!


We have had a few visitors over the past few weeks. Grandpa and Uncle Chris both came to town. The kids had lots of fun with them. Lillie had her 2 year checkup one day so Grandpa and Uncle Chris took Evan out for pancakes. He was so excited to go by himself with them for some guy time! Also our friend Olivia Grace was in town so they came over to play. The kids had lots of fun together running around the house. These two girls would not move their cups for us to get a good picture!!

First Field Trip

At the beginning of the month Evan had his first field trip to the Pumpkin Patch. We had a lot of fun. They had pig races, a hayride, a petting zoo and tons of hay to play on. Evan got to pick out his own little pumpkin to bring home.

Lillie Two year checkup! (one month late!)

Our little 8 month old cutie!

Well I have been a bad blogger so now I am going to play catch up!! Lillie had her two year check a few weeks ago and I am posting so that I will remember all of this one day when I am 80 years old and working on her scrapbook!!!!

I have to say her little personality has really exploded in the past few months. She was moved up to the 2 year old class in Kids Day Out and now no longer cries at drop off!! (I mean she has been there a year it was time for the tears to stop flowing!) She is also learning all kinds of new songs which she loves to sing at the top of her lungs all the time, just ask anyone who has seen us at Target and they have probably heard her all the way on the other side of the store! She also loves to dance around and so she is quite the little performer these days!! She is also talking up a storm and we can understand most of what she says. At her check up they were impressed by how much they could understand. One little funny thing she does is call me Jaime! I always hear of kids calling their dads by their names but rarely do I hear this about the mommy. But Lillie calls me Jaime, a lot! I always remind her that my name is actually mommy and she says no, Jaime! And best of all if you point at Evan and say who is this she says Boy! Yes this is his name, I realize that Evan is hard for her to say but she makes no effort at it he is just simply boy. (Sometimes he gets called brother) She is very much still a mommy's girl but loves her daddy time that she gets after bath when she takes him every book and gets him to read her a bedtime story. I have to say she can be very sassy but there is a super sweet side to her as well. It melts my heart when she looks at me with her arms open wide and say big hug and I give you a kiss! She still loves to be held by anybody who is willing to hold her unless of coarse we are crossing the street and then she insists on walking.
When we went for her 2 year check up everything looked great! She was 35 inches tall (89%) and weighed in at 25lbs (29%). She said looks like she may be tall and slim. I remind you that this is the little girl who was always in the 90-100% in height and weight for forever!!! (Take a look at the above picture of those rolls on her arms). Little miss has also decided that she wants to go pee pee in the potty. Of coarse she only does it for kids day out teachers. We have started working on it here at the house so hopefully we will be a diaper free household here soon!!!!!
Lillies favorite songs
Twinkle Twinkle little Star
Itsy Bitsy Spider
ABC song (thanks to boy for teaching her this song)
Oh Lone Stranger (from Moe and the Big Exit)

Saturday, October 04, 2008

Trip to see Thomas (again)!

We made the trip back to Oklahoma City last weekend to ride Thomas. It was lots of fun of coarse!! We headed out on Saturday after lunch in hopes that we would have some nice car naps. We were wrong the kids were not even the least bit tired!! We stayed at the same hotel that we did last year. It has a cute dental office next door to it called the dental depot. It has the green train that the kids got to play on. We woke up early that Sun to go ride Thomas. The kids were both excited to see him this year. We rode on Annie (she is the car that is directly behind Thomas). Last year I forgot to get tickets early so we had to ride on the open car and I have to say that it was more fun. So if we go a third time we will go back on the open train! But overall it was a fun trip the kids were silly in the car on the way there and back. It was lots of fun and I am sure that we will be doing it again next year!!