Thursday, May 27, 2010

Preschool Graduation!

Mr. Evan officially graduated from Preschool on Wed! It was happy and sad all at the same time! We hosted the party at our house and all the kids brought their ride on toys and had a blast riding and playing all over the yard! We grilled out and had a little picnic. Mrs. Shannon did a graduation ceremony for the kids and gave them their diploma! They sang a song about kindergarten and then they moved their tassels and threw their hats just like in any other graduation! Evan is soooooo excited about going to kindergarten! We took him to register back in April and he got the chance to see where he would be going and to meet some of the teachers. His school makes a neat little DVD for them to watch that shows them around the school and what their day is going to be like. I think that I am just in disbelief that he is done with preschool. I had to fight back the tears the other day but so happy and thankful for this new adventure that we are about to take! And Miss Lillie will start preschool in the fall with Mrs. Shannon and she is super excited. Right now when I drop off Evan she cries to go be with Mrs. Shannon so I am hoping that her transition there will be easy!


The Tucker Family said...

So precious! Our babies are growing up!

The Greenfield Family said...

He is growing too fast. I still remember going to see him at your house after you had him!!! Miss you!