Thursday, August 26, 2010

First Day of School!

At his new desk!

I can't believe it is time for all of this! Last Thursday Evan started Kindergarten. He was so excited about this and honestly he had been counting down the months! As soon as August arrived He was so excited and started counting down the days. I am glad that he was excited about this huge step in his life. Thankfully his teacher is one of my friends so I think that made it easier for me to leave him that first day. I did so good keeping it together for him while I was there but as soon as I drove off the tears started falling. I watched the clock all day because I was so excited to go pick him up so I could hear all about his day! He is in class with one of his best friends from preschool so I think that made things a little easier for him! Everyday I ask him what he learned and today he said, "We learned about the letter L, the teacher really likes that letter because that is all she talks about!" It was too funny, I guess since preschool you only go 2-3 times a week you really do not get as bored with one letter as you do in Kindergarten!
Stay tuned Lillie will be starting her first day of Preschool here in a few weeks!

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The Greenfield Family said...

growing up too fast! miss you girl!