Friday, October 12, 2007

Arkansas State Fair

I know call me crazy but my friend Brandi and I took the kids to the state fair today. Her little boy is just a few months younger than Evan so we had lots of fun. Evan and Eliot had so much fun riding all the kiddie rides. He even rode the kiddie roller coaster with me. I think that he is going to be our little thrill seeker! I also had to climb in this maze with him which had a swinging bridge and other fun stuff for mommy! Brandi got lucky because Eliot was a little bit hesitant about some of the stuff and she didn't have to do them. Lillie went as well although she only got to ride the merry go round and some little dump trucks that I could ride with her. She was a trooper and waved at all the kids as they went by. The boys also got to feed some goats which Eliot seemed to enjoy more than Evan since he is scared of goats for some reason. Over all we had a great time and now that I know that Evan likes the rides we may have to venture up to Silver Dollar City in the Spring!!!

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