Sunday, October 14, 2007

Old Fashion Day 2007

My friend Brandi and I decided to once again be brave and ventured to downtown for Old Fashion Day. Old Fashion Day is at the courthouse lawn. People have booth's with all kinds of crafts and other items. So we loaded the kids and strolled around. The boys painted pumpkins and got a wooden car. I got Lillie a cute little handmade doll that this little old lady was selling. They kids enjoyed strolling and seeing everything until a man gave Evan a balloon and he thought it was going to blow away so we had to leave! Fun Times!!!!


Melissa Williams said...

I used to hate balloons when I was little. The doll Lillie has looks like my old Cindy...the one that even when on our honeymoon with us. Gotta love Old Fashioned Day!

Bolding Fam said...

Glad yall had fun! Elle liked the music and tried to walk up on a stage :)

the boyd's said...

ya'll have been busy! Glad you are all good! I loved Burns Park and they have a silde kind of like that! I will have to take the girls when they get a little older!