Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Miss September 2006

Well Miss Lillie is now seven months! I can't believe it she is getting so big. She still is not crawling. She will get up on all fours and rock and rock then just get on her belly and do the army crawl. I am kind of glad that she has not started yet because I can already tell she is a little busy body and just can't wait to tear up the house!!! She has learned how to wave though and she waves at you when you come in the room. The other day she was playing with a little Winnie the Pooh doll and when I walked in the room she was waving away at him and laughing. It was too cute! She is also very vocal and loves to hear herself making noises. Both of Evan's speech therapist have commented on just how vocal she is. I weighed her on our scale at home and she is still in the 19-20 lb range, she has finally slowed down on the weight gain.

Saturday, April 14, 2007

Lillie's Easter Bonnet

My Mom was just determined to find Lillie a bonnet to wear for Easter. She bought Lillie a beautiful pink smocked dress from Strasburg to wear and later decided that she just had to find a bonnet for her to wear with it. We went to every childrens store in Little Rock to see if they had one. We finally found one back at the Strasburg Children store and I must say it was beautiful and I thought that that Lillie was just adorable in it. It took about 15 minutes to get it on her head because everytime that I got it on her head she pulled it off before I could get it tied. When I finally got it on her she wore it through church and all the way out to Great Grans for everyone to see her!

Easter 2007

We had such a fun Easter this year. This was the first Easter that Evan understood the whole Egg Hunt and Easter Bunny thing. Evan is not much of a morning person and sometimes it takes him a little while to get going and in a good mood so when he woke up a little earlier than usual I knew we were in trouble. I tried to cheer him up by showing him the wonderful gifts that the Easter Bunny brought him. As you can see by his picture he was less than thrilled about it. He got a small wagon and wheelbarrel yard toys as well as some shovels and scoops for the sand box that his Uncle Drew is going to buy him and Lillie. Lillie on the other hand is such a morning person and woke up so excited to see the little Ballerinas that the Easter bunny left her! She was actually more interested in big brothers new toys. The picture of them together is the only picture I could get of them together I was in the way of The Wonder Pets so Evan was not to happy with the photo shoot! We all went to Church at the Church I grew up in and then out to Great Grans for Easter lunch and an egg hunt with the cousins.

Monday, April 09, 2007

We Love Spring

My parent's house is covered by azaleas so we went over for a photo shoot the other day. The flowers were beautiful. Evan wanted to sit at every flower bed to have a picture made. Lillie was not so happy with the picture taking and got a little fussy on us.