Tuesday, August 05, 2008

A Day full of Doctors!

Today Brad had his appointment with the cardiovascular surgeon and still really no answers as to what is going on with him. He is scheduled for a PET Scan next Friday the 15th. The doctor talked to the radiologist before he came into see us and they have actually found 3 more places in his chest that they are concerned about. After Brad has his scan we will hopefully hear from the doctor on Mon to see where we go from here. He said that if the numbers come back fine then he will just want to watch him over the next few months but if they come back weird then he will do a biopsy on one of the areas. So please just keep praying that everything will be okay! Thank you to those who have called or emailed sorry if I have not responded but it is just hard to get back to everyone! I will continue to update on the blog so please check back!

I also had to take Evan to Children's today to have his check-up for his tubes. Anyone who has to go to Children's for appointments knows what a fun trip this is! I usually take a stroller but when I got there I realized that my stroller wheels were messed up so we had to walk or should I say hike to his appointment. Poor Lillie was running trying to keep up, she finally gave in and let me carry her the rest of the way!!!!

Also be watching the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette. I took the kids to eat at the Purple Cow for lunch and someone from the paper took pictures of us eating because they are doing a story on family dining! I am sure the pics will be lovely because she wanted action shots of us stuffing our faces!!!!


Anonymous said...

Just checking on you guys and thinking about you all!

Anita said...

I'm continuing to pray for you and Brad. I hope you find some answers soon.