Monday, August 25, 2008

Weekend with the Kissenger's

A few weeks ago our good friends, the Kissengers, came down to spend a weekend at the lake with us. We had so much fun! The lake house had just passed inspection the day before so we had zero furniture. It was like we had a camp out in a very nice house!!!! We have so much fun with this family we just hate that they live so far away from us. Evan cried for Rece and Brooks after they left and said that he wanted to go to Nebraska with them. Lillie loved those boys also and all she wanted to do was kiss Cal! He was not so into this and so she got her feelings hurt. I know one day will come when he will want to kiss her and when that day comes Brad won't let him near her!!!!!! We are counting down till next year when we make the trip to Nebraska!!! Evan can't wait!

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