Sunday, April 19, 2009

Happy Seven Years!

Monday will be our seventh wedding anniversary! I know that seven years is really not that long but it just amazes me how quickly the time does go by. I feel like it was just a year or two ago! Above are a few of my favorite pictures from our big day!!! My absolute favorite is the one of us leaving to the golf club salute! Brad's groomsmen came up with this without anyone else knowing! They told the photographer so that she would be ready to get a picture of it. So after they pronounced us husband and wife, they lined up on each side and did the golf club salute for us to walk under. It was priceless, Brad and I both were sooo surprised (just enlarge the pic to see Brad's face)!


The Greenfield Family said...

Your wedding was sooo fun!!! Happy seven years! What a special couple! Love ya!
Jo Ann

Olivia Grace said...

I loved the singing!! You were a beautiful bride. I wish I still looked like I did then!!