Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Lillie's 1st Birthday!

We had a small first birthday party for Lillie on the 15th. It was just the four of us and Gran and Grandad. Both of the kids had been a little sick so we decided to keep it small and not risk getting anyone else sick.

I attempted to make her cake like I did for Evan, it was a pink octopus in case you can not tell by the picture. I thought it was very fitting of her since she seems to grown extra arms in a matter of seconds!! She got some toys and some clothes. We got her a pink chair with her name on it which she loves. She loved eating her cake and ice cream and loved being the center of attention while we sang to her!!! Thank you Leslie for the precious Tutu that you sent her. I could not resist putting her in it for the day since she was the Party Princess!! The party hats I used for decoration but I had really made them for her 1st birthday pictures that we had made on Friday. (If our photographer posts a pic of her on his website I will let everyone know because they turned out awesome!!!)

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Melissa Williams said...

Girl I think that cake looks just like the picture you showed us at scrapbooking. Now how much do you charge again 8). Her party was too cute. Happy Birthday Lillie!