Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Kids Day Out

The kids started Kids Day Out today at one of the local churchs. It was a little sad since they have been my two little shadows for a while now. I was a little worried about Lillie since she has not stayed with anyone except my mom. It was pouring rain when we arrived so I had to run carrying both of them under a tiny umbrella. I dropped off Lillie first and she seemed to be okay. We know lots of the other kids in her class. Then I took Evan to his class, He really did not want to leave Lillie (he is very protective over her). I had to run back out to the car to get their stuff and he just stood at the door yelling for me. Lillie then saw me and stood at her door and started whining. It made me a little sad but I know that they will enjoy some time playing with the other kids. Hopefully when I go to pick them back up they will have good reports!!!

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Melissa Williams said...

Evan is such a good big brother. We need to do lunch or brunch sometime when you drop them off! Call me! Hope they did good today!