Wednesday, September 26, 2007

House Update

There has not really been a whole lot of progress on the house other than now you can kind of see what it will look like. Our windows and maybe our doors will be delivered tomorrow. We have had a lot of drama with the brick and it seemed that every brick that I would pick out was on back order or had been discontinued. We finally found a color we liked and it has been delivered and the stone should be arriving sometime in the next few days so hopefully we will have a little more progress in the next week. We have also decided to put a room in upstairs so we are having to redo some other stuff in order to put in a set of stairs. I am hoping that they will start bricking sometime next week if not sooner!!!

1 comment:

Melissa Williams said...

Will that upstairs room be a scrapbooking/playroom? Love the house already!