Saturday, September 29, 2007

Oklahoma City Memorial

While in Oklahoma City we decided to go to see the Memorial. Mom and I went to the Memorial in 2000 when we were there for a wedding but since Dad had not been we decided to make a stop. I remember being in the 11th grade and my history teacher bringing in a TV for us to watch this on the news. There are two gates that stand at each end that have 9:01 and 9:03 which frames the moment of destruction with a reflection pool that is only 3/4 of and inch deep that makes with the street use to run. The field of empty chairs is for the 168 people who lost their lives that day. It is so sad to see all the small chairs which represent all of the children. The picture of the tree with the wall around it is called the Survivor Tree. It is an American Elm which was in a parking lot that was surrounded by burning vehicles and still survived. The Church across the street has the statue pictured above that simply says And Jesus Wept.

Our Day Out With Thomas!

We headed to Oklahoma City this weekend with my parents for the kids to go to A Day Out With Thomas. It was such a neat experience for Evan (Lillie slept through part of it). We got to go on a train ride with Thomas, get pics made with Thomas and Sir Topham Hat, and lots of other fun stuff. We had planned to go next weekend with Brad but he is getting to go and work at a camp for one of his basketball bosses. So we headed out this weekend and it was perfect! Evan had the best time and I have said that if he still loves Thomas next year we will do it again!!

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

House Update

There has not really been a whole lot of progress on the house other than now you can kind of see what it will look like. Our windows and maybe our doors will be delivered tomorrow. We have had a lot of drama with the brick and it seemed that every brick that I would pick out was on back order or had been discontinued. We finally found a color we liked and it has been delivered and the stone should be arriving sometime in the next few days so hopefully we will have a little more progress in the next week. We have also decided to put a room in upstairs so we are having to redo some other stuff in order to put in a set of stairs. I am hoping that they will start bricking sometime next week if not sooner!!!

Hilton Head Island2007

After Lillie's mini party we headed off to Hilton Head Island. This is a very special place for Brad and I since it is where he took me to propose! We had so much fun just having time to relax and do a whole lot of nothing! Brad got to play golf with his friend that lives out there and I got to go shopping!! The kids loved the beach and they were not really that scared to go in. We had some family pictures made down by the Harbour Town Lighthouse since this is where Brad popped the questions and our family began!

Lillie's 1st Birthday!

We had a small first birthday party for Lillie on the 15th. It was just the four of us and Gran and Grandad. Both of the kids had been a little sick so we decided to keep it small and not risk getting anyone else sick.

I attempted to make her cake like I did for Evan, it was a pink octopus in case you can not tell by the picture. I thought it was very fitting of her since she seems to grown extra arms in a matter of seconds!! She got some toys and some clothes. We got her a pink chair with her name on it which she loves. She loved eating her cake and ice cream and loved being the center of attention while we sang to her!!! Thank you Leslie for the precious Tutu that you sent her. I could not resist putting her in it for the day since she was the Party Princess!! The party hats I used for decoration but I had really made them for her 1st birthday pictures that we had made on Friday. (If our photographer posts a pic of her on his website I will let everyone know because they turned out awesome!!!)

Hooray for Evan!!

Evan has officially tested out of his speech therapy. His last day was Lillie's birthday!!! This is a picture of his therapist, Miss Amy. She was wonderful and has helped Evan in so many ways (considering that when she started Evan was really not even talking and now he is talking in full sentences)! We are going to miss seeing her since she was at hour house twice a week. Evan will go back for more testing when he turns three but until then we are done.

Saturday, September 15, 2007

Computer Problems

We are having some problems with the computer right now so I will post pics of Lillie's first birthday as soon as I can. We are also off to the beach so it may be sometime next weekend before I can do a post.

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Kids Day Out

The kids started Kids Day Out today at one of the local churchs. It was a little sad since they have been my two little shadows for a while now. I was a little worried about Lillie since she has not stayed with anyone except my mom. It was pouring rain when we arrived so I had to run carrying both of them under a tiny umbrella. I dropped off Lillie first and she seemed to be okay. We know lots of the other kids in her class. Then I took Evan to his class, He really did not want to leave Lillie (he is very protective over her). I had to run back out to the car to get their stuff and he just stood at the door yelling for me. Lillie then saw me and stood at her door and started whining. It made me a little sad but I know that they will enjoy some time playing with the other kids. Hopefully when I go to pick them back up they will have good reports!!!

Sunday, September 02, 2007

Cruising Together

Just could not resist sharing these pictures of my babies.

All Framed Up!

So alot has has happened with the house in the last week. They have poured the slab and started framing the house. I took some pics on Friday evening and they still had some walls to put up. To my surprise they worked on Saturday because Brad and I went to see it today and it was almost complete!! So I will have to get some more pictures tomorrow.